Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Eddie Lin on leaving during Double Eviction

Eddie LinFor a while on Big Brother Canada 7it felt as though Eddie Lin was going to be the sort of player who snuck by and proved to be a force at the end of the game. He came close to winning some competitions early on, and understood the various ins and outs of the game. The thing that seemed to hurt him the most was not being able to build the best social bonds with other players, plus of course a dominant Pretty Boys alliance who decided that the time was right to remove him from the game.

So how does Eddie actually feel about going out the way that he did in the Double Eviction, especially due to his superfan status? We discuss that and much more with him in our latest exit interview.

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CarterMatt – Going into the game, were you worried about being taken out at a Double Eviction?

Eddie Lin – To be honest, I didn’t think about it. As a superfan of this show I’m always very happy when there’s a double or triple eviction, since it almost always makes for good TV. I didn’t envisioned myself to go far … it really sucks that it happened so abruptly and I didn’t have a chance to campaign to save myself. It is what it is. I feel better that people wanted to take me out at the Double Eviction because they saw me as a big threat.

CarterMatt – We saw this really big personality from you in the Diary Room where you were throwing shade at Adam and other people, but you were a little more reserved in the house. Do you think had you tried to have a bigger personality in the game from the get-go, you would be in a better spot? Or, do you think that the house just wasn’t that receptive to you?

In the house the first week, [it was revealed] that I work in cryptocurrency even though I told the house that I was a social media manager. That part of my game was exposed. I wanted to go into the game very outgoing, but after I had a big secret that was exposed that I am really smart, I was afraid it would make me a big target. I was trying to play a really low-profile game and stay under the radar. That set the tone of my whole game. I couldn’t adjust from being really reserved to being outgoing.

I definitely regret that, in hindsight — had I been more outgoing in week 1, I would have been much more successful in the game. I know that I’m an outgoing person, but when I’m overwhelmed in a very different environment with a bunch of total strangers, it can be very [challenging] for me. I don’t speak great English and we had some cultural barriers.

One of my favorite moments for you this season was when you came so close to beating Dane in that HoH golf challenge. Had you won that, what would you have done in the game?

I would have definitely nominated Adam and Sam. Adam wasn’t interested in my offer week one to start an all-guys alliance with him. If someone doesn’t want to work with me, they were against me. That was a big move that I should’ve done; I’m bummed that I didn’t get a chance to do it.

Going back what will the experience be like watching the show?

It will be very cringey! It’ll be really [cringe-worthy] having to look at myself on TV. I think of myself as a very normal person — I forgot about the cameras a lot of the time when I was in the house. It will be very weird once I watch the episodes.

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