Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7: Five players to watch

Edge of Extinction
Going into Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7, who are the players we should be watching out for? Within this feature, we’re going to do our part to identify a select group! This is a part of our annual Five Players to Watch feature and it’s pretty darn clear to us that we’ve got an exciting group of contestants at the heart of the show. It’s enough to make us excited (and hopeful!) for whatever could be coming next on a season that’s been certainly bizarre, but has had a number of really exciting moments, as well.

Without further ado now, let’s get to the list — along with a reminder to check out our take in video form below and to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to make sure that you don’t miss any other updates. We’ve also got a full Survivor playlist that should definitely take a look at.

1. Joe Anglim – We haven’t been this fascinated about an Edge of Extinction arrival in a while. Joe being there is fascinating, mostly because there’s a school of thought where he tries to take care of himself more than others and just destroys them all at the next challenge to re-enter the game. Yet, there’s no guarantee that this is how the next stage of the twist will go! Personally, we’re more interested to see the people on Edge of Extinction actually vote someone in — and that’s where Joe’s ability to make people feel at home and care for them could come into play.

2. David Wright – He’s in an extremely interesting spot now. He and Rick Devens are acutely aware now that they’re sort of wedged in the middle of everyone. From one vantage point, it’s a great place to be! Who is going to target the two of them at the moment? On the flip side, however, you do have this risk where you and Rick are the easy people to send out of the game. These two are going to need to pick a side and do it quickly, since this may be their key to going far and winning this game.

3. Kelley Wentworth – She made a smart move in keeping her immunity idol, even if she didn’t exactly get what she wanted at the same time. What she needs to realize moving into the next episode is the same thing that David realizes: It may not behoove either of them to continue working apart. With the Kama six alliance still there and still strong, they may need to work together and use a wide array of immunity idols in order to ensure that one of them goes home. We just haven’t seen a lot of this group to think that one of them would flip.

4. Ron Clark – While we don’t know if there is a firm leader per se of this alliance, it feels like Ron is the easiest person to point at given that he is the one who seemed to really drive the idea of getting rid of Joe on this past episode. This makes him the Kama 6’s most influential player, but also the person who is perhaps the easiest to target as we move forward.

5. Julie Rosenberg – It’s really the only time we’ve talked about her in these features all season, and we have to think that getting to see her and Rick Devens last week meant something. She could be the Kama 6 person who opts to not go to rocks and fight to keep him if he ends up being targeted. We know some of those other people are pretty locked in to what they’re doing, but she may prove to be a little bit more fluid.

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