‘Two and a Half Men’ review: It’s … getting better?

Let’s all take a moment right about now to state what is the cool thing to say: “Two and a Half Men” is old, it’s stale, and it was funnier with Charlie Sheen. If you were to go around the internet right now, this is probably what you would hear.

But for now, here’s something different: we have to admit that we are finding the show to be pretty funny this year. Is it one of the best shows on TV? No, but we would be remiss if we were to sit here, lie, and say that it is not funny just because it’s not the hippest thing on TV anymore. The truth is that the summer off with Ashton Kutcher already cast gave the writers some time to come up with some interesting ideas, and it actually feels like a pretty funny show even when Jake is not around.

Is Walden Schmidt still a character that is rather hard to wrap your head around still? Sure, especially when it comes to the fact that someone looks like Kutcher and cannot pick up women. But the problem here is that he just seems to be the case of the good-looking guy who is too nice, whereas Alan is the sleazy freeloader who spent part of the episode in his underpants.

Overall, watching Walden’s post-breakup meltdown this week had some good laughs, mostly as he tried to replace a woman with everything from a Great Dane to just blind rage. It was really a better example of physical comedy then what we have seen from the show in a while, and it produced what was ultimately a solid 30 minutes of entertainment.

We don’t really know what the show’s endgame is at the moment with Walden or Alan, and at this point it’s hard to fully say we care. Why? We’re more concerned if we still going to continue having fun along the way as we did here. If you want to check out some photos featuring Miley Cyrus’ upcoming gig on the show, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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