Magnum PI episode 20 (finale) video: Can Magnum trust Hannah?

Magnum PINext week on CBS, the big moment is officially going to arrive — Magnum PI episode 20. It’s the final episode of the season and for the title character of Thomas Magnum, one of the most important moments of his entire life.

In the sneak peek below, you can get a chance to behold what looks to be one of the most difficult situations that Magnum’s been in so far with Hannah, otherwise known as the woman who betrayed him so many years before. There’s a lot of pain in his heart and an infinite amount of frustration … and none of this can really shock you. We’re speaking about someone here who ended up betraying Thomas in the worst possible way, one that led to him and his friends being prisoners of war. That’s some unforgivable stuff and that’s why when she shows up at Robin’s guest house, his first inclination is to call up Katsumoto and get her away from him as soon as humanly possible.

Here is where things get a tad complicated — Hannah claims to have valuable information that Magnum is going to want to hear. How important is it? She claims that it will explain ALL of her actions, whether it be her decision to betray him overseas and virtually every other dangerous thing that she’s done. The question you mostly have to wonder is whether or not you’re inclined to believe her. She isn’t exactly the sort of person known for her upfront honesty! She’s devious and dangerous, a walking landmine that could explode and ruin Magnum’s life further at any given moment.

Yet, at the end of this preview, you’re probably going to wonder for at least a brief moment if she’s actually telling the truth. Magnum hesitates instead of speaking to Katsumoto on the phone, and that’s where you have to start wondering if her words and if her strategy is really starting to get to him. Is he actually buying into some of what she’s selling? If we were Thomas, we’d have a pretty hard time with it given that she is someone with SO much baggage attached to her. Even if she is telling the truth about there being a larger reason for her actions, do the ends justify the means? It’s hard to think of TOO many worthy reasons for someone like Hannah to do some of the things that she’s done.

Hopefully, before we get to the end of the finale, we’ll have a larger sense of who Hannah is … but then also what her future could be with this show. We have a hard time, provided she survives, thinking that this is going to be Jordana Brewster’s final appearance.

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What do you want to see when it comes to the Magnum PI finale, and would you trust Hannah at all if you were in Magnum’s shoes? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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