NCIS season 16 episode 18 video: The case of a missing Torres

NCISSometimes on NCISthe main draining force for a case is external — a body is found and Gibbs tells everyone to grab their famous gear. Other times, events hit even closer to home, and such seems to be the case entering Tuesday’s new episode “Mona Lisa.” The picture (art pun intended) this time around is a little more grisly, since you’re going to see a bloody tableau featuring Nick Torres … and a lot of agents confused as to his whereabouts.

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Let’s start with a discussion of the just-released promo, which features many of your favorite agents in the midst of a scramble, trying to conjure up an answer as to where their friend and colleague is. Torres isn’t answering his phone! While the guy may have a wild, rebellious side, it’s not like him these days to go MIA. That’s especially the case with Ellie, given that there are some obvious under-the-surface feelings between the two and we don’t see him looking at her caller ID a number of times and being like “eh, not interested.” This is why there is SUCH a sense of urgency entering this episode, as everyone realizes precisely how strange and unusual this entire situation is. They want to do whatever they can in order to ensure that nothing dangerous is going down to separate Torres for the remainder of the team for good.

So where is Nick? Well, he’ll be finding himself waking up on an old fishing board, while in the process having no recollection of what happened to get him there. He’ll be covered in blood, which is why we said a little bit of what we did in the first paragraph. Was he set up? That seems to be the likely scenario, which means that this episode could be one part The Hangover and one part that crime-TV trope where a major character is accused on a crime show of doing something even though they may actually be innocent of it. Obviously, Torres is not some mustache-twirling villain who joined NCIS years ago just so that he could murder someone now and stage this whole operation. It’s possible that this entire case is somehow connected to his past, but we don’t think there’s enough evidence floating around out there for you to be able to connect all of these dots right now. Torres may be able to get himself out of this bind during the episode, but we don’t imagine it being altogether easy.

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