Is Mozhan Marnò leaving The Blacklist after season 6 episode 14?

The Blacklist logo any seasonFollowing tonight’s fairly-breezy story for Reddington on The Blacklist season 6 episode 13, the following episode brought on something a little bit different. “The Osterman Umbrella Company” brought about a new dimension to the show for him and the Task Force, and then also a separate trip for Aram and Samar.

The Osterman Umbrella Company, as it turns out, is a group of people who previously hunted down Katarina Rostova. They are a neutral third party who is essential to the “eliminated of operatives.” They are the sort of people who Reddington wants on the Blacklist, but tracking them down is not easy. The only reason why he was able to put them on now is because they were in the United States and with that, the opportunity is going to present itself to hunt them down. They were chasing down some new targets and, from the get-go, it was clear that finding intel on them was going to be tough.

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Let’s give a little credit to Cooper, who did an exceptional job of trying to get information at all costs. While Reddington was a bit more intent on keeping the Task Force at arm’s length during “Robert Vesco,” tonight he wanted to collaborate a little bit more. Here’s the problem: One of the agents the Umbrella Company wanted to eliminate was Samar, who had taken off a little earlier in the episode with Aram to a cabin. They got a little R&R, not knowing that some of Samar’s former colleagues were ready to wipe her off of the face of this earth. Aram was tricked out of the room while the assassin snuck in and attempted to kill her. The two of the fled the scene of the cabin, but they were far from being out of the woods.

So why were they after Samar in the first place? While he may not have meant to cause her problems, it was Aram. He told Mossad about her condition, which was problematic for her since she had knowledge, knowledge = power, and knowledge = danger. They were afraid that someday, she could deteriorate and she would end up spilling the beans on information they didn’t want her to share with anyone. She wasn’t too upset with him after the fact; she understand why he did what he did, but that didn’t put her in an altogether-good place, either. In her mind, the only option she had was to totally disappear. This meant saying goodbye to Aram and the entire team.

Before Samar could even take off, though, it was revealed how the two were being tracked in the first place: The business card that Aram was given back in the first hour. The Osterman Umbrella Company was fierce, relentless, and pretty much awful from start to finish. She had to go, and Aram still wanted to go with her.

As devastating as this story was for Aram and Samar, it was fascinating to see how far Reddington was willing to go for some element of revenge. In his odd way, killing the man responsible for Aram’s torment and Samar’s departure was his way of say “I care about you.” It wasn’t just this man betraying Samar; it was also him tricking Aram.

As the episode started to reach its conclusion, Reddington interrupted what Aram and the Task Force was doing to inform him that he was orchestrating the plan. Samar decided to work with Reddington to flee rather than go along with the Task Force. He gave her an opportunity to speak with her one last time as she departed aboard a plane. Her final conversation with him was heartbreaking … and that seemed to be it. (Or, at least we thought, as Aram punched Reddington in the face, feeling like he was responsible for this.)

Reddington’s sickness returns

Remember this from earlier this season? It seemed as though the character was sick and with some of Stark’s medication, he got a first dose. We don’t know where this is going, but it’s something to store away.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is Samar really gone? For now, it absolutely does feel that way, and her absence is heartbreaking and could change Aram’s role with the Task Force forever. This episode did prove to be an emotional gut-punch and through that, there could be pain nobody expects. SERIOUS pain.

Another Verdict

Via TVLine, it’s been confirmed that Mozhan is leaving the show and the role of Samar.

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