The Resident season 2 episode 20 spoilers: Could Nic’s sister die?

The ResidentThe Resident season 2 episode 20 feels like one of those episodes that’s going to send a massive chill down our spine — and we say this knowing that it doesn’t actually air until we get around to Monday, April 15. That’s a long time to wait for an anxiety-inducing episode, and there’s going to be a lot of dramatic stuff that happens in it from start to finish. Take, for example, the state of Nic’s sister Jessie.

Could Jessie actually die this season? At the start of it, we wouldn’t have thought so — at least not in the way in which it’s happening. Now, though, death seems to be very much on the table and something that could rock Nic further to her core. For the better part of her adult life, she’s done whatever she can in order to care for her sister through thick and thin. She’s understood that it’s not always easy, but still wanted to do just about everything that she could in order to help. They didn’t have the best upbringing (the recent arrival of her father proves that), and this really just adds to the overall sense of responsibility that she has within her heart.

So where do things get delicate when it comes to Conrad and Nic over Jessie? We think that the attached synopsis below indicates that:

Devon grows concerned when a mother’s complaints go unaddressed after her delivery, and pushes Bell to take drastic measures. Conrad is faced with breaking the news to Nic regarding Jessie’s worsening condition. Meanwhile, The Raptor, Mina and Kit spring into action when a mother and son enter the ER with devastating injuries in the all-new episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (RES-220) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Aside from what’s happening with Nic’s sister, though, perhaps the biggest surprise upon reading this is how much most of the stories are actually based on medicine! Given how much of this show as of late has revolved around QuoVadis and unspooling the massive mess that is that company, it’s fascinating to see the shift slowly gravitate back towards patients and what’s happening within the hospital walls. It may not stay this way fully entering the finale a little bit later in the spring, but at the moment, we’re looking at a show that’s resetting itself and some of what it’s about before sending viewers on another potential freight-train stuffed full of drama. We feel like the overall themes for this season are pretty simple, and Nic’s sister is a part of the equation: Finding ways to care for the people who are close to you. Maybe that’s a relative to a blood relative a la Marshall or Jessie, or maybe it’s a reference to boyfriends, girlfriends, or people who are constant presences in your life. How can you be the best person to those around you?

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We suggest now that you head over to the link here! The next new episode is arriving on Fox come Monday night.

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