‘Glee’ review: Who is Eli C.? Think the most hated man ever

Anyone who loves “Glee” is probably torn on “The Break-Up” at the moment. From one standpoint, this was easily the best episode that the show has produced since “Asian F” around this same time in season 3. However, it was probably also the saddest episode that the show has ever produced.

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, we can finally talk about the couples that seem to for sure be completely over at this very moment:

Kurt and Blaine – This one was pretty cut and dry. Blaine was feeling neglected by Kurt continuing to put his job and New York over his boyfriend, and it led to Darren Criss’ character taking comfort with someone named “Eli C.” who is probably having their name burned in effigies all around the internet. Really, Ryan Murphy did a nice thing in not actually casting this part, mostly since that person would have been the most hated person ever. We did not see the break-up scene, but it was pretty obvious.

Brittany and Santana – Was this an “official” breakup? Santana tried to say that it wasn’t, but the writing was still on the wall. These two know that being apart is too difficult on them, so they’ve decided to take a break for the time being.

Jake and Kitty – It wasn’t on the same level as the others, but these two split as a way of him standing up for Marley. (Aw…)

Rachel and Finn – you may as well consider “Finchel” over here for the time being, and their breakup was the most logical one here. It just wasn’t working, and maybe these two will actually move forward now.

As for Will and Emma, the show did create some drama by having Will get angry (almost to the point of him being out of character) over Emma not wanting to go with him to Washington. Do we really think there is some long-term trouble here? Not really. These two are mature, and at the end of the day, Will is going to be back teaching New Directions all over again.

What did you think about this episode, and did the high quality here help at all to make up for some of the sadness that was produced when it came to the story?

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