Is The Orville new tonight on Fox? Season 2 episode 12 hopes

OrvilleIs The Orville new tonight on Fox? Within this piece, we’re going to be discussing that further — while, of course, also sharing more thoughts on what should be coming up.

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Let’s go ahead and get some of the bad stuff over and done with now — you’re not going to be seeing Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the cast back on the air this week, or the week after, either. Why? Consider the answer as simple as Fox wanting to take a little bit of a break for the time being. They want to push the remaining three episodes so that they can fill out at least some of their spring schedule — The Orville isn’t being stretched out to the key May sweeps advertiser period, but it’s moving at least reasonably close to that point. There’s going to be a new episode on April 11 and, following that, a new episode on April 18 and then the finale on the 25th.

Do we have confidence that these will be great stories to close out the spring? We’re all-in on the idea, mostly because we’re all-in on the show. If we weren’t, you could make the case that you just pump the brakes on everything right now and not watch any further! These episodes, based on what we know, are going to explore some key themes. For example, the April 11 installment will bring about information on a key Moclan secret — hopefully this isn’t just a recreation of the “Identity” story all over again, but we like to think that the writers are smart enough to bring something new to the table. Meanwhile, beyond that we know that the April 18 episode is going to put a spotlight on Ed and Kelly — which is probably good given that they are technically the leaders of this ship. (It may not seem that way lately, given just how much we’ve seen some other people command the spotlight.)

Our current season 3 sentiments

More so than wondering when the show’s coming back for the rest of season 2, we can see THIS being the key burning question most people out there have. Obviously, we wish we came bearing some specific news on the subject, but hopefully Fox will announce something before too long. The Orville was a part of their recent “welcome to New Fox” promo following all the behind-the-scenes changes, which indicates that they do have hope for its future. We’ve already written with regularity about the tax credit the show will receive from the state of California if it comes back — it’s a massive one that could drive executives to doing the smart (and right) thing.

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