Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7: Is someone getting evacuated?

Edge of ExtinctionFollowing what happened tonight, the door was open for Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7 to be a whole feast of crazy. While there may be a powerful alliance of former Kama members, we haven’t seen so much of them to be altogether secure of their stability. There are immunity idols and some very good people to think about. All of the idols are still there! Not only that, but Rick Devens’ is now activated after he ended up staying tonight.

Joe Anglim, meanwhile, is now going to be started a run over on the Edge of Extinction, which may actually be a really good place to be now since he’ll cook and help take care of you there. He can be the new Ozzy, and we certainly think that there’s a chance he makes it to the end still just like Ozzy almost did on Survivor: South Pacific. It may have been the right move to send him there, but at the same time, his game is currently far from done. We’d be having Joey Amazing nightmares if we’re anyone left in the game at the moment.

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Based on the preview for what we saw next, it does seem like the top story, though, is going to be someone getting potentially evacuated from a challenge. Someone gets hurt in the preview for what lies ahead, which leads in turn to Jeff Probst calling in medical — that’s all you see, so we’re left to speculate as to who it could be and even doing that alone is tough. These are all people who could be getting hurt at any potential moment based on their starvation, so you really just have to hope that whoever it is, sticks around.

If they do, they may get a chance to partake in a game where some big blindsides could happen. The tricky problem for the Kama tribe now is that there are three idols … and they don’t have any of them. Given how close that Kama alliance is, don’t they have to think that one of their alliance-mates would tell the others if they had one of them? They’re going to have to place an incredible guessing game now in the hopes of nailing the right person. They don’t have enough of a majority to split the votes, unless for sure David and Rick jump over with them. If that happens, it’s nine to three — though really, it’s eight to four if Aurora jumps over to the Manu group. That’d still be enough power for them to do a split vote … but both Lauren and Kelley have idols. This season is BANANAS right now when it comes to numbers.

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