Riverdale season 3 episode 18 return date hopes for KJ Apa, cast

Riverdale season 3 episode 2Want to know the Riverdale season 3 episode 18 return date on The CW? Within this article, we come bearing news on that — and also the road that’s coming up for the remainder of this season!

At the moment, we know this: We’re going to be seeing KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, and the rest of the cast have a little bit of a spring break — had to throw the pun in there — before coming back with the final five episodes of the season. This is pretty common for the CW, who often tends to dish out these spring hiatuses around this time. Many of their other shows are currently doing it! It allows the production to finish up filming/editing all of the episodes, and beyond that, it gives the network a good chance to air episodes all the way through the critical May sweeps period that matters so much for them.

So when will Riverdale actually be back? Circle April 17 on your calendar. We know from press releases that are out there already that it won’t be back before that point, so you’ve got a few weeks to wait — it’s going to be a trying wait just because this show has that addictive quality, but there’s obviously so much story still to tell this season. Think in terms of ever-shifting relationships, new potential mysteries, and also the writers trying to find a way in order to write out Josie. After all, she may be a big part of the Katy Keene spin-off series, so the team has to figure out something to do with her — at least for now. They can always write her back in if that show doesn’t get that order.

While the story of Riverdale may be a little crazy, there is one thing that still gives you some comfort — that season 4 renewal is already out there! That means more drama, more crazy characters, and all sorts of big surprises. We’ve also got a feeling that there will be some sort of enormous cliffhanger at the very end — just for the sake of keeping that discussion going for a while!

As for the promo below…

It confirms, first and foremost, that the show is returning on the aforementioned date — beyond that, it also showcases a series of shocking scenes, romances, and a very-pointed death threat that may very well be legitimate if the right cards are played. This season is not going to be slowing down; heck, by the end of it, these characters could be far from the people they were when we first saw them all the way back in the pilot. Excited yet?

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When do you want to see Riverdale back, and are there any specific things that you are hoping for? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments and check back soon for some other news. (Photo: The CW.)

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