Outlander season 5: How Sophie Skelton is preparing for filming

season 5 filming is almost here — we know that it’s felt like that more or less for well over a week now, but at this point, there aren’t too many boxes that need to be checked before all of the cast and crew are back together and cameras are rolling.

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For more evidence of what’s going on today, you don’t have to look any further than the latest social-media post of one Sophie Skelton. In a post on Instagram, the actress revealed that she is doing her part in terms of natural preparation for season 5 — she’s dyeing her hair back to Brianna’s familiar shade of red! It’s a big part of the rite of passage into doing this show, as this is a hair color she will need to maintain for the better part of the next several months. We imagine that you also don’t do this until you’re getting extremely lose to filming kicking off, mostly so that the change is as prominent as possible on-camera. It’s certainly striking, and a big contrast to Skelton’s color throughout most of the past few months.

We’ve already received evidence aplenty that many an Outlander cast member has been working their way back to Scotland, with some already there and starting to settle in before the cameras get rolling. Working on this show is an immensely rewarding experience — just think in terms of the immense fanbase, the critical acclaim, and just that inherent job-well-done feeling that comes from wrapping up work in the middle of the night when you’re so tired that you can barely stand up. Yet, it’s the latter that indicates that the show is also a draining experience — it can throw your internal clock out of whack, it can take you away from your friends and family, and we imagine that there’s a certain degree of culture shock that comes from spending most of your day pretending that you are living in another time period. These are some of the reasons why the cast spends some of their hiatus time in separate parts of the world, taking in some of the sights and getting a good bit of necessary rest. They’re going to be happy to have it a few months from now!

We expect that filming on Outlander season 5 will last for the vast majority of the year — even though there is one less episode compared to the few seasons, that alone isn’t going to shed a couple of months off of production. This is a show that strives for perfection, hence one of the reasons why the hours are so long and you spend so much time on-location. It’s about creating an experience as opposed to just emulating one behind a green screen. Whether it be spending the time to build the sets or Sophie Skelton dyeing her hair back red, every little component is vital to making sure that the overall Outlander season 5 machine is humming away as we prepare for this epic love story to begin again.

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