‘Shark Tank’ preview: Back 9 Dips introduce us to ‘chicken dip’

When we oftentimes cover “Shark Tank,” there are not that many products that we see that we would actually buy. Then again, that’s also because we don’t have that great of an interest in items related to fashion, sports, things to make your life “easier,” or some of the things introduced that really have such a small target audience that we would never be a part of it.

However, we admit that we would totally buy the product that we are about to mention here in a second so long as it is good: Back 9 Dips. This product literally takes the best of the world of chicken wings, and then puts into a dip … including a “dip.” Yes, the world “chicken Slurpee” is thrown in her by one of the sharks to describe what this product is, and in some ways that may be true. However, that does not mean that this could be any less delicious. Basically, the way we would think about it is that in eating this dip with a bag of tortilla chips, it’s like you’re having some really flavorful nachos without having to spend much money on it or make a giant mess. Plus, we’re admitting tired of the same old bean and sour cream dips that are at the store every time you’re trying to get something together for a party.

We’re honestly not sure if any of the sharks is going to bite on this yet, though; we don’t know just what the margins are for this company yet, and they are asking for a lot of money for what is a pretty small stake in the company. Plus, you’re also just appealing to guys who love to watch big games and eat chicken wings. There is a market for it, but the food industry is the most competitive one out there.

Would you buy this product? If you want to see some other highlights from this season, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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