Chicago Med season 4 episode 17 video: A story of cystic fibrosis

Chicago MedWhen Wednesday night’s new episode of Chicago Med arrives, what you’re going to have a chance to see is a love story — an atypical love story, but a love story nonetheless.

Sometimes, there are strange coincidences that happen within the world of this show and we certainly think that the storyline presented in the sneak peek below qualifies. In it, you get a story similar in a lot of ways to Five Feet Apart — two people who have cystic fibrosis and love each other, but can’t be that close to each other in fear of making the other’s health worse. They do still find a way to be there to be each other’s rock, including making sure that the other is okay when they are hospitalized. That’s what is happening here, as the patient’s girlfriend shows up outside with some encouragement and advice. He’s getting close to potentially getting a new set of lungs, which could be a giant step forward for his health if it happens.

For those wondering, the writers likely had no real idea about Five Feet Apart or the timing of it while they were putting this episode together, and we’re sure that their primary motivation for doing this has a thing or two to do with just wanting to tell a sweet, earnest love story of two people trying their best to be together through thick and thin. It’s not easy to have to go through cystic fibrosis and it takes a positive attitude to the utmost — alongside plenty of determination and a commitment to really take on whatever this world throws at you. With the right amount of passion and dedication, you can be an inspiration to those around you … and you may also find yourself with an admirer or two along the way.

Maybe there’s something that some of these other characters can take away from this relationship given that things for some of the doctors at Chicago Med are, at least at the moment, very much a mess. Take, for example, what’s been going on with Will and Natalie in their relationship as of late, and the roller-coaster of sorts that we’ve had a chance to see in between Connor and Ava. Sooner or later, we’re sure that there will be some good news — it’s really just a matter of when. The classic rule of primetime TV is create as much drama as possible and then eventually, a happy ending. We just hope that it comes before long here since there’s only so long that you can play the back-and-forth game and have it still make sense.

There’s also the supreme irony of the fact that these people are doctors, nearing the peak of their profession at times, and yet, they can’t quite figure out how to be with someone else. It’s another reminder that sometimes, love can be simple. People in the darkest moments of their lives can find it, but they can’t figure it out.

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