9-1-1 season 2 episode 12: Do we know Chimney’s fate?

ChimneyIn the wake of 9-1-1 season 2 episode 12 on Fox Monday night, we were hoping to know one thing above all others: The status of Chimney. Did he actually find a way to make it out of the stabbing alive?

Well, unfortunately, that’s still something left up in the air. Tonight’s new episode “Chimney Begins” was really about that — an origin story, one that went back years and helped to explain more of the character he is. We thought that maybe it’d be framed more around a potential survival or death, but that’s not something the producers tipped off. If we were to come up with one specific conspiracy theory at the moment, though, it’d be this: Why in the world would the writers give the character a spotlight episode, only to then kill him off right after the fact? We’re fully in the “Chimney lives” category, but we’re also in the same group that understands it won’t be easy given that the vast majority of characters fail to get through a stabbing reasonably unscathed on the other side.

We’re expecting pain ahead for Chimney … but also some sort of pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. It may just take him the rest of the season to make it there. We at least know that he’s got someone in his life in Maddie who cares for him, though clearly she’s dealing with some pretty serious demons at the same exact time.

Speaking via TVLine, here is what Kenneth Choi had to say about what could be coming next — provided of course his character survives:

I think he deserves a real shot at happiness — again, if he survives — and I think Maddie is the perfect partner for him. I’d like to think they could move forward if he survives, but we’ll see.

No matter what happens for Chimney moving forward on 9-1-1, one thing that feels clear coming out of this episode is that his life, and our perception of his life, is never going to be the same. That’s what is so valuable about a lot of these origin-story episodes — they really give you a great window into the soul of some of these characters and sort of unmask some of what’s hidden behind either the person that they are in the present or a relative lack of screen time.

We just hope that 9-1-1 gets the big Chimney question out of the way fairly early on next episode — the longer that they wait on this, the more frustrating it will be and also the more potentially-distracting that it’s going to become for some of the other big storylines on the show. What they shouldn’t want at the moment is to be like another bit Fox show in The Resident, who decided to take what felt like a solid 1,000 years to give us proof as to Julian’s fate.

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