The Resident season 2 episode 18 review: Is Julian leaving … again?

The Resident season 2Tonight on The Resident season 2 episode 18, there are so many “top stories” that it’s hard to even know precisely what the top story is.

Is it the return of Julian? We definitely think it’s easy to argue so. She came back to Atlanta tonight, where she spoke out against companies like QuoVadis. As it turns out, she was able to swim from her care to safety and she’s been in Savannah, hiding out and living with her parents. Devon was ready to reconnect with her the moment he saw her — and by this, we mean that the two slept together just minutes later in the episode! It wasn’t until later where the two started to have actual conversation about their future and precisely what the future could hold.

Unfortunately, that future doesn’t mean that the two characters are going to be together — at least for now. Julian decided to collaborate with Marshall on a new venture that will enable her to be able to actually help people in need — and to make sure that medical-device companies are not allowed to get away with killing patients. It’s a notable pursuit, but also one that will lead to her embarking on somewhat of a jet-setting lifestyle. She won’t be in Atlanta for a while. There’s a chance for something more between the two of them, but it’s not going to be in the near future.

Here’s the crazy thing right now — remember when we all thought that Julian could be a villain at the start of the season? We do feel for Priya in all of this, but that was Devon’s decision and he’s the one who has to deal with the aftermath of that.

Julian’s not the only person gone

As it turns out, the same could be said for Conrad’s father, who made the decision to depart  for the time being at the end of the episode to continue some other pursuits. However, it does seem like he’s going to be back, so we don’t think Glenn Morshower is gone for the show for good. (Jenna Dewan, however, we could see coming back a little more infrequently.)

It was important in telling the end of Marshall and Conrad’s story that there was a reconciliation, and there was. We love that the two can end on better terms and actual build more of a real future together.

Now, heartbreak

Apparently, Micah and Mina don’t have the future that we thought they were going to. Mina, effectively, went about accepting the proposal the wrong way; in waiting weeks, he realized that this sort of tentative behavior was not the sort of thing that he wants in a partner in the long-term. This is probably good news for everyone ‘shipping her and the Raptor … but probably bad news for what’s happening in the future for Dr. Okafor.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between all of the stories mentioned already and then also the arrival of Corbin Bernsen as Nic and Jessie’s neglectful father Kyle (who turned up to the hospital in order to make a pitch to Marshall — which was rejected), this was an eventful episode. It was one all about change, about pain, and also about closing a door and then waiting for others to open. For Conrad, he can feel satisfied. For Devon, that satisfaction may be a tad more short-lived. We don’t think that he will just sit back, relax, and realize that he’s okay with waiting for the better part of his future for Julian to come back. Dewan’s a busy woman, it’s hard to imagine her coming back for huge stretches of episodes in the future.

While we do think there are some stories more successful than others (Alec still isn’t doing much for us as a character), The Resident still tells character-based medical stories like nobody’s business.

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