Shadowhunters season 3 episode 15 review: Is Magnus okay?

MagnusIf the goal of Shadowhunters season 3 episode 15 was to leave us shocked from the tips of our toes to the top of our skull, good news! This episode, entitled “To the Night Children,” delivered that and then some. It’s the biggest episode of the spring so far, both in terms of killing people off and then also bringing some other people to within an inch of their lives.

It’s not often that a character being killed off isn’t the top story, but we actually think there is a larger issue currently at hand: Whether or not Magnus Bane is going to be okay?! Are the writers for Shadowhunters really going to be so cruel as to extract a beloved member of this world from the series before we get around to the finale? We think that he’ll find his way to emerge from this crisis, but there was something still heart-shattering about watching him collapse in the closing seconds while Alec scrambled to figure out what to do … if he could really even do anything at all. This was as heartbreaking a moment as we’ve seen for Malec on this show … especially when you consider the context.

Think for a moment here — mere moments before Magnus collapsed, he and Alec were ready to move in together! After realizing that Magnus living at the Institute was far from ideal, Alec suggested that once he find a new place, the two of them live together and Magnus agreed! After everything they’ve been through, it’s nice to see them both realize how much stronger they are together than they are apart … just as it’s also nice to have that larger commitment. Isn’t a proposal not too long after living together and if not, can’t we just conjure that up? These two remain the beacon of hope to all other Shadowhunters ‘ships and this would be the perfect way to culminate the third season.

Let’s continue our discussion of “Complicated Shadowhunters Relationship Moments” by going over to Clary and Jace, who are trying to find their footing even though Clary is inexplicably displaying violent tendencies and rage more in line with Jonathan than herself. There’s something about the rune that seems to be increasing her bond with this dude on every passing day — and, suffice it to say, it’s rather maddening to see. We want to see these two actually find some happiness together, but it’s turning out to be so much harder than they thought … largely because Clary is feeling less like Clary and she can’t do anything about it. There’s obviously a link between her and her brother and it’s yet another reminder of how tragic and terrible Jonathan is. He’s emotionally manipulating people and it’s absolutely one of the cruelest things someone can do.

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Rest in crazy, Heidi

Is she really gone? It seems that way, given that Maia’s trick injecting herself with holy water (smart, no?) was enough to send her to vampire afterlife. It was a bold move to make, but given some of Heidi’s recent actions — including what Maia was forced to go through with Jordan — it’s hard to really sit here and not understand why she did what she did.

Where things get all the more compelling is in trying to piece together what happens next. Just think of things this way — Simon’s not going to love some of Maia’s methods, even if he understands the motives. This could lead to a larger debate within the Shadowhunters world about crime and punishment. Heidi was a killer, someone intent on leading her army to overtake the city so vampires would reign supreme. Does that constitute a death sentence given that there wasn’t exactly a trial with a judge and a jury? This was Maia being impromptu executioner, eradicating a threat but also making a move so that she could feel a little bit better. It’s a contrast from Izzy simply bringing in Raphael — though it’s hard to say “simply” given just how painful this moment was for her.

CarterMatt Verdict

Wasn’t this episode gut-wrenching? Seeing Magnus fall to the ground in those closing seconds was the ultimate punch to the soul, as is seeing Clary continue to lose control on one of the very things she holds so dear: Her own identity. In a way, Maia’s struggling with this herself as she expects both the victory of thwarting Heidi, but also the consequence of it: Knowing she killed her. This is the scarlet letter that now is attached to her name.

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