Where is Hetty on NCIS: Los Angeles following the wedding?

HettyWe know that Hetty returned to NCIS: Los Angeles last week for the big Deeks – Kensi wedding, but where is she now? Where has that character gone? It’s absolutely a good question, and one we’re planning to dive into full here.

Before we go any further here, though, let’s get the following out of the way: Linda Hunt is still a part of the show moving forward. Her appearance last week wasn’t a one-time thing and you are going to have a chance to see a little bit more of the character moving forward. The question that you have to wonder here is rather simple: How much? Well, we think she’s going to have a big role to play on the rest of the season, based on what she had to say about the reason for her exit. She made it clear that eventually, she will talk a little bit more about her extended absence … but when the situation is right. There’s no reason to rush to get us to that point so for now, we’re operating with “be patient” as a key mantra here.

If we were to come up with a couple of theories as to why Hetty was around last week and not this week, they’d go a little something like this.

1. Consider last week a head start on her story – It’s possible that Hunt was not 100% at the time she stopped by for the Deeks/Kensi wedding, but obviously, she wanted to be there so that she could cheer on two important characters and some cast and crew members that she loves. Consider this episode tonight a chance for her to rest up a little more, and then prepare for the home stretch as we get closer to the finale.

2. Is this about preserving the element of surprise? – You can make an argument that the producers intentionally kept Hetty out of this episode in part to keep as many spoilers about her return from getting out. The less that Linda was on surrounding episodes, the more surprise there could be about her being present at the wedding. (It’s possible that some corners of the internet found out about Hetty’s wedding appearance in advance, but the majority of viewers did not — massive kudos for that given that within the TV world, so few things actually manage to stay under wraps.

Even when Hetty’s not around, we still like to think she’s far from forgotten in this world. She was a pioneering force for the team, a source of advice, and often the most mysterious person in any room. We almost think that at the end of her time on the show (whenever that is, hopefully not soon), Hetty should write a book stuffed full of all of her secrets and the rest of the cast should get an opportunity to read it cover to cover.

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