Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6: Five players to watch!

Edge of ExtinctionAs we start to move a little bit closer to Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6, who are some of the players you should watch out for? Given that this is the merge, everyone is eligible! This is what makes the game a little bit crazier, but also, a little bit fun! We’re excited to dive into this week’s edition of our “5 Players to Watch” feature, knowing that there are SO many different directions the game could go and people who could either be targeted or power players.

If you look below, you can get some analysis featuring a little bit of both! Check out the attached list and on the other side of it, be sure to also watch our video! For more scoop, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube — also, take a look at our Survivor playlist for more.

There’s one more thing worth pointing out here: We don’t want to focus on the Edge of Extinction players for now. Why? Well, that has to do mostly with the fact that we don’t know who’s coming back and the way that happens could be a total toss-up.

Joe Anglim – There are two schools of thought with Joey Amazing. The obvious one is that he is the easy choice for people to extract from the game at the moment, given that he is such an obvious physical threat at this point — yet, the other is that the remainder of the swapped Kama tribe may realize that they need him for a while, especially if they all find themselves on the bottom of the numbers. If they can get the original Kama back together, Joe could have a few weeks of safety … and then go on some sort of epic immunity run.

Kelley Wentworth – Yes, it does feel appropriate to feature another returning player — especially since Kelley’s got an immunity idol and she has a history of not waiting all that long in order to play them. If she realizes that she’s a target, she won’t waste a whole lot of time before trying to deploy it in the game. She’s going to need to be smart in picking her allies, given that she’ll need them if she does want to make it longer than a few votes after the merge.

Wardog DaSilva – You have to consider him in a lot of ways a key cog at this point, just because he’s in one way an obvious merge boot/sacrificial lamb for the original Manu tribe; at the same time, he’s a guy with good ideas. He’s a little crazy in his execution and he often doesn’t listen to what other people have to say, but he understands the game and spends an extreme amount of time plotting during it … probably too much time. Since he doesn’t have an idol, he may want to reduce that a little bit.

Victoria Baamonde – She was really impressive with the Aubry vote, seemingly luring Aubry into a false sense of security before striking and helping to blindside her from the game. She’s shown to be an impressive player who could be one of the biggest threats to the returning players. Granted, if they realize that she’s one of the people pulling the strings on voting them out, there’s a reasonably good chance that they will collaborate to take them out of the game.

Aurora McCreary – A lot of times, it’s not the most-dangerous person who finds themselves targeted at the merge; instead, it’s the person closest to that person. That could be Aurora, who has signed up for #TeamJoe for a good while now. If there’s any concern that he has an idol or some sort of advantage, we can envision a scenario where there’s a split vote and in some sort of shocker, she ends up getting more because one or two people flip on the plan. Partnering with Joe is great pre-merge. After the merge? It’s a recipe for disaster.

For some more discussion/speculation on the merge, be sure to visit the link here right now.

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