911 season 2 episode 12 video: Beyond just ‘Chimney Begins’

911 season 2When 911 season 2 episode 12 airs on Fox Monday night, you better brace yourself for a story all about Chimney! We’ve come to know a lot about this guy, in particular his penchant for finding himself in near-death situations. What makes this a little more challenging entering Monday is that we don’t actually know if he’s even still alive! Most of the scenes featuring this character could come via flashback, but we’re crossing our fingers hoping for some sort of resolution to the cliffhanger, as well.

Yes, it’s possible that shows can exist in two different timelines at once — just remember the fact that we’ve seen it, time and time again, over on Lost.

Here’s the weird thing – Rather than focus heavily on Chimney’s past, the thing that is in the very title for this episode, the promo for this upcoming episode is casting its shadow elsewhere. They want you to know that there are other fires and disasters happening across the city of Los Angeles that will require the attention of some other characters! In a way, we get it — this is a show that’s sold itself on danger from its very onset and we don’t think Fox wants to deviate all that much from it. What they’re doing isn’t broken, so why fix it, even for the sake of promoting a specific character? Since Chimney is not among the few most-notable characters on the show, clearly Fox is waiting around and biding their time with this story … possibly so that they don’t give anything away, and possibly so that they don’t drift far from their promotional plan.

What is worth worrying about when it comes to Fox and their current way of things with 911 is simply that so much of the show revolves around trying to come up with the bigger, better way to leave your mouth agape. They have to continuously find some ways to shock you with the danger that they throw their characters in and because of that, there’s that pressure to make things bigger every single time. It’s at times a good thing to continue pushing your writers to be as ambitious as humanly possible, but there’s also an alternate component to that: Recognizing that you also have to find a way to make sure the characters stand out. This is why there almost has to be two schools of thought with this show: How the writers handle it versus how Fox promotes it. The creative team needs to have those explosions and danger-sequences, while also giving you heartfelt, personal stories of people who are putting their lives on the line.

911 is a visual spectacle, but it’s also an emotional showcase. For this upcoming installment, Chimney’s background will take center stage and there’s a good chance elements of his backstory could surprise even the most devoted of fans.

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