Shadowhunters season 3 episode 15 video: How is Magnus adjusting?

MagnusGoing into Shadowhunters season 3 episode 15, it is abundantly clear that for one Magnus Bane, life is very much different than it was. The character no longer has a chance to relax in his typical abode, and he can thank the deal made with the wicked Lorenzo Rey for that. Lorenzo’s done virtually nothing to make us have any appreciation for him at all — what he did on this past episode was kick Magnus, a character who we love and adore, down when there was no reason to do that.

So how is Harry Shum Jr.’s character really adjusting to a life without a place, one that is suddenly a little more nomadic? Well, there’s some stability coming via a surprising force. In the sneak peek below, you can have an opportunity to learn that the Institute is stepping in as Magnus’ current home while he is displaced, and despite some of his concerns, Alec insists that everyone is more than accommodating. While there may be reservations in some circumstances about a warlock hanging out Shadowhunters at their chosen locale, it’s a little different when said warlock is Magnus. These are people who understand that collectively, people are so much more than a title that was given to them. Magnus, for example, is not just a warlock — he is a friend, a warrior, and someone to be trusted. He’s also the love of Alec Lightwood’s life and so many adore this relationship.

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Eventually, we do hope that Magnus finds a way to get his old apartment back and if not there, maybe he and Alec will eventually find a new castle of their own — one to create memories in and celebrate without any worries or fears. With that said, doesn’t the Institute have it going on in a couple of ways? Any place that has freshly-squeezed orange juice (clearly, a Malec favorite) is one worth sticking around in for a little while.

This scene may be short, but we do think it gives you just the right dose of Malec charm to make it clear that no matter what the two are going through, the two do each have one another’s back. That constant support could be important as both new and old threats emerge. One of the most-prominent ones at the moment is still Jonathan, who is capable of doing some terrible things and some of the other characters are going to have to do what they can in order to keep some of his awfulness at bay … or just ensure that he doesn’t hurt anyone else. That is, after all, what good heroes can do.

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