SEAL Team season 2 episode 15 video: The search for a shot

SEAL TeamSEAL Team season 2 episode 15 may not be on CBS until Wednesday night, but CBS is ensuring that we have quite a bit to talk about here long in advance.

Let’s start with the nature of the new mission, which is in many ways a reminder of the variance that is at the heart of this show. Every week on SEAL Team, Jason and the remainder of Bravo Team have to prepare for themselves for a mission, really no matter its nature. That may mean sometimes trying to bring home some who is captured and in need of support; meanwhile, on other occasions it may mean trying to eliminate a threat. No one wants to shoulder the burden of taking lives; yet, that is a part of this job. There’s an understanding when you put on this uniform that sometimes, targets need to be eradicated for the greater good. It’s a lot to shoulder, but Jason Hayes and the rest of the team are prepared for it.

Leading into Wednesday’s episode “You Only Die Once,” we know that the target is a powerful financier who can use their pocketbook in order to aid dangerous terrorists. We’re also getting a greater sense that there are only a few specific ways this threat can be confronted. It’s not about an arrest; it’s about an elimination, and doing so at a distance and under certain parameters. As with many other specific missions there are many different boxes that need to be checked, whether it be the location of the shot and making sure it’s done under a certain layer of secrecy. you need to just protect not only yourself, but also a number of people all around you.

The first of the sneak peeks below really sets the foundation for the rocky, challenging case ahead. Meanwhile, the second serves as your necessary reminder of just how complicated the end result may be. The location of the target has moved and, because of that, Jason’s not able to secure the shot in the same way that he once was. That’s a problem; consider it one of many on the road to actually getting the job done … if it even happens. We feel like we’ve watched enough of SEAL Team at this point to be aware that victory is not guaranteed. It’s something that is set on the end of the roadmap, but there is no clear guarantee that the group is actually going to get there. There are landmines — both literal and metaphorical — that the team’s going to have to jump over in the end they make it to their desired result.

Expect stumbles, and then cross your fingers that the heroes make it to the other side alive.

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