Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4 reaction: Mr and Mrs we don’t want to be in his marriage, but not really

Whiskey CavalierABC’s Whiskey Cavalier aired its fourth episode last night and we are feeling the feels. In “Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge” Frankie and Will go undercover as a married couple to the wedding of an undercover agent and his fiancé, the daughter of a mass killer, General Andrei Zimbrean.

The episode opened with our favorite team of spies breaking into a private art gallery in order to find proof that the General has poisonous gas in his possession. However, the General isn’t there and some of the gas is missing. Jai and Standish track the General at his daughter’s wedding in the South of France where an undercover agent has been operating for months to marry the General’s daughter, Iona. Will and Frankie are told they will pose as a married couple named Dan and Mary Flemming. Standish and Jai will play waiters at the event, while Susan is told she is staying behind to profile. It hurts her feelings as she enjoys role-playing in the field, but Will is excited by the mission because he loves weddings while Frankie hates it.

Once at the wedding the two begin to bond and Frankie starts to relax and it was the first time we saw Frankie be vulnerable. Up until now, we weren’t sure what to believe as she has been known to lie about who she is before. However, while she and Will are having a picnic in the grass, Frankie shares a memory from her childhood. It’s honest, true, and a great moment. Frankie wasn’t a robot after all, but instead a human with real feelings and emotions. It was also when our strong suspicions were confirmed that Frankie’s feelings for Will might be stronger than his, though it’s obvious that Will has feelings for Frankie as well. He was extremely jealous when he saw Frankie kiss another guest. It hurt him to the point where he was dismissive to Susan who was only trying to offer advice. Now, the reason we think Frankie’s feelings may be stronger is for two reasons. One, it’s more entertaining that way, and two, her reaction to sharing a vulnerable and intimate moment with Will spooked her so much that she slept with someone else to avoid dealing with her feelings. In addition, (okay so three reasons) Frankie kissed Will in an attempt to keep their cover from being blown and if she didn’t like him she wouldn’t kissed him for so long or with so much passion. Overall, this was our favorite moment so far.

Moments like this are a trademark of EP/creator Bill Lawrence who often stops the comedy for a second to give the audience real moments like this one. It’s his way of giving us a glimpse into these characters’ lives.

Jai and Standish continue to be at odds because of their opposite personalities, however, they have come to an understanding that they both aren’t easy to work with and that they need to start compromising. A heartbroken Susan bonded with Ray after he comforted her. Susan wanted so badly to be apart of the mission in the field and it was Ray who convinced she is just as important from her desk. And he was right because without her they wouldn’t have caught the General.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode continued to show the team working together to stop the General and prevent millions of people from dying. It was a win for the team and watching them work together in ways that they aren’t normally familiar with was a lot of fun to watch.

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