Is Siren new tonight on Freeform? Hopes for the future

Siren - FreeformIs Siren new tonight on Freeform? Through the past couple of months, we’ve had a wonderful opportunity to dive into the dark, mysterious world of Bristol Cove. We’ve seen new sirens, witnessed shocking revelations, and seen Ryn, Maddie, and Ben finally go in the direction that many fans expected. (What’s the chance that this relationship lasts moving into the rest of the season?) Even though there have only been eight episodes so far, all of them have been so jam-packed with content that you barely have a second to breathe.

Now is the time that you can come back up for air … though we feel like there’s an eagerness to dive back into this world so much sooner than what Freeform is allowing. There is no new episode airing of the show tonight. Beyond just that, there will be no new episode next week, the week after, or many weeks after that. You’re going to be waiting a while to witness the world of Ryn again — think in terms of July. There’s no specific date just yet (one is likely coming later this spring), but you can see the latest teaser for what’s coming up at the bottom of this article.

Is this the most in-depth preview in the world? Hardly, but the sight of a small fin, found by a little girl underneath a dock, still packs quite a punch. The easy interpretation here is that we’ve got another new arrival … though this one may be different than most. Is this a younger mermaid? What could this mean for the future of Bristol Cove? There’s obviously a lot that the producers want you to be thinking about — no conspiracy theory is really too crazy at this point, but it would be nice to see some sirens of all different ages since pretty much everyone outside of Sarge is a young adult.

We’d argue that when you’re dealing with a series that features dangerous mermaids, a powerful oil corporation, a polyamorous relationship, and incredible explosions, ruling things “out of the realm of possibility” just seems silly. We hope that all of our favorites are alive and we are most worried about Xander and Calvin at the moment since they are on a burning boat in the middle of the ocean.

Will we know about a season 3 by the time season 2 returns?

It’s likely — mostly because of the production schedule for this show being what it is. If Siren season 3 wants to premiere on Freeform next January, you gotta get the cast back to work before too long! The network’s executives have plenty of time to scratch their chins and debate whether or not they want more of this show, but we firmly believe that they’ll do the right thing here. The ratings are solid, the fanbase is there, and we think that with subject matter like mermaids, you’ve got all sorts of room for growth that you don’t have with other properties.

If you do want to get some other Siren information…

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What do you want to see when Siren does return with new episodes? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Freeform.)

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