Siren season 2 episode 8 review: A big plan brings a lot of casualties

SirenRyn made a huge sacrifice for Ben on the last episode of Siren and while it makes complete sense that she would do this for him, it makes zero sense how she went about doing it and over the past week we have been having a difficult time reconciling that in our minds. Ryn tells Ben and Maddie everything, trusts them more then anyone, then in one conversation with Nicole (who she’s met one time and knows was involved in what happened to her sister) she not only trusts her, but then she doesn’t tell Ben or Maddie that she’s made a deal with Nicole for Ben’s freedom. That isn’t consistent with who Ryn is. Nicole saying “it’s a secret” with no “or else” ultimatum attached to it means that Ryn would’ve told Maddie or Ben what she was thinking about, and asked them if they thought it was a good idea – she asks them everything,┬ábut when a stranger who helped to torture her sister shows up and drops and offer on the table, she says nothing? Not buying it.

Let’s see if they can make this a bit more believable before the end of the spring finale shall we?

Ryn the test subject

When Ryn is at the facility to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers and she sees with her own eyes some of what has happened to these men and women Nicole reaffirms that her ability to regrown new tissue could help them find ways to help these people. We do have to say though that when we saw the door to the lab close behind her that we could feel the hair on the back of our neck stand on end. For a moment we thought she was never coming out.

Nicole kept her word and the testing was not harmful and Ryn was fine with most of it – that is until the doctor pulls out a needle, and Ryn jams it into the doctor. Nicole reiterates that she made it clear no needles at all! With Ryn being a volunteer (and so powerful she can rip the head clean off a shark), it needs to be taken nice and slow. Unfortunately things are moving too slow for the higher ups even though Nicole brought Ryn in with certain guidelines in hopes to move the process ahead in a better way then what happened with Donna. They want fast results.

Because Ryn is going in voluntarily, she’s not staying there full time to be studied at this point so Ben and Maddie ares still clueless. Not only that but Ryn is now lying to them about the whole thing.

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Oil company troubles

The Oil company is throwing an event in Bristol Cove and after Maddie and Ben see a display of some of what the company has planned (and learns that there is going to be a live feed at the big event that will show them bringing up the first bit of oil), Ben comes up with an idea… and it’s a good one!

First they plan to take out the sonic cannon that is producing the noise that stops the sirens from going home (Ben and Maddie are going to do that), but they tell the sirens that more needs to be done to make sure that they don’t just bring in a new one, something that will make the oil company go away for good. They want to cut the drill string at the base of the ship and pull it up which will cause some serious damage to the ship and that’s where the sirens come in. Once the canon is off they can go in and cut the string and Xander’s boat will pull it out. Because this will all be on a live feed in front of everyone important it could be enough to drive them out of Bristol Cove for good.

With all the sirens getting ready for their big return to the ocean some of them are having trouble saying goodbye, like with Sarge and Helen who have become close, Levi and and Ben who have become friends, and of course Ryn and Ben and Maddie who finally make love after all of the build up that’s been going on for the past 2 seasons between them. We were a bit worried that this scene was going to feel more like just Ben and Ryn with Maddie more on the sidelines, but they worked this together in a way that really made the three of them feel like they were together as one.

Green means go

The first part of the plan goes off without any problems, Ben and Maddie swim to the cannon and disable it. Next it’s up to the sirens to get in the water and cut the drill string and attach Xander’s boat hook to it. Everything seems to be going to plan until Helen (who is at the event and watching the live stream) learns that they had a second live stream up and it’s showing the drill string… exactly where all the sirens are now headed too. Helen calls Rick and he heads over right away to cut the power to the camera at the event. One problem solved!

So let’s add another problem which is Cami still isn’t over Xander killing her mom, so when all the other sirens head into the water, she decides that now is the best time to kill Xander (not AFTER she has the ocean to go back to… right now!). So right when everything is ready and it’s time for Xander to do his part, Cami grabs an ax and starts swinging it around hitting the gas line and putting the entire pack at risk. Luckily Calvin is on board to keep the project going and it works! The oil rigs go down on the live feeds in front of the press and the investors.

Unfortunately we had what looked like a casualty tonight with Sarge in a pretty gruesome way when a large fishing hook spun off and sliced his throat. Completely unexpected, took us by surprise and that’s one of the things that we have long loved about this show – They take the big risks for the big reward and seeing this happen to Sarge straight up broke our hearts. Here’s the thing though… is he dead? We saw the other sirens all grab him and swim away with him, but we also know that the military wants to study them for their healing properties and ability to regrow tissue – could Sarge actually still be alive???

We also have Calvin and Xander’s lives at risk too as Xander fired a flare gun off at Cami to stop her from trying to kill him, but with the gas line expose it set the boat on fire.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This “spring finale” was completely bonkers (yup, if you didn’t know that’s what this is and we are now entering a waiting game until episode 9!). The show has left us with a lot to talk about in between Sarge maybe being dead, Xander and Calvin stranded on a burning boat and that love scene with Ben, Maddie and Ryn! Besides the one inconsistency that we brought up at the beginning of the article with the Ryn/Nicole situation, the first half of this season has been solid. Adding the new group of sirens has added a lot to the show in a variety of different ways and we do hope to see them again going into the second half.

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