NCIS season 16 episode 17 video: Gibbs, Bishop, and the USS Memphis

NCISLost contact. An isolated crew. A chance of a horrific death. All of these things are key components to NCIS season 16 episode 17, entitled “Silent Service,” airing on CBS on Tuesday night. The promo below offers you a small taste of what’s going to be a heart-pounding hour … and also one that probably made a few characters claustrophobic.

Let’s take a minute here to paint the setting: The characters are on board the USS Memphis, a submarine that seems to be on the way down and not in that good way where submarines dive deep into the ocean. After the sub loses power and there are fears that someone else (very bad people) are in control of it, the government may be in a position where they just have to let it sink. What’s bad about this? From an NCIS perspective, there are innocent people on board — plus also Gibbs and Bishop. They arrived to investigate a murder case — which shouldn’t come as a shock, given how just about every NCIS case out there starts with a crime of this nature. What makes them all stand out comes within the aftermath, the guilty party/parties, and the danger the team finds themselves in along the way.

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way now: It’s hard to imagine ANY situation under the sun where either Gibbs or Bishop is actually killed off. It would be kind of anticlimactic to happen in the middle of the season, no? This is a story more of how — how the rest of NCIS navigates these two to safety despite not actually having any way to reach out to their colleagues. Meanwhile, it’s about how Gibbs and Bishop navigate these tough (metaphorical) waters and work to solve the crime, and live to investigate another day. If you like these sort of close-quarters cases, “Silent Service” is absolutely going to be in your wheelhouse. There’s an exciting production component to this as well where director Rocky Carroll gets to showcase what life is like under the sea — it’s such a different sort of production than you get filming the NCIS office, given how everything is so much darker, tighter, and characters are in each other’s space in a way that they are not normally used to.

More so than any specific story point, maybe we’re just happy to get the show back on Tuesday. There’s been such a juggling act when it comes to NCIS as of late, bouncing between a new episode and a repeat and another new one. We know that there’s a run of at least a few going through March and early April and it’s always nice to get a little groove going as you’re in that final stretch before the season finale … which has that potential to leave you angry/upset/excited for whatever’s coming up next. We’re assuming a renewal is coming, so that’s not even something on our worry-board (think of it like a dream-board, except it turns our hair grey).

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