Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6 preview: The merge & the twist

Joe Anglim
Next week, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 6 is blowing everything out of the water, once and for all. We’re going to have the merge; more than that, though, everyone’s gonna be shocked when they find out about the Edge of Extinction twist.

To a certain extent, we are in that camp still of this twist being less than awesome since nobody knew it was happening all season. Yet, it’s not a paradigm shift since they’ve seen the Outcast tribe and redemption island. Therefore, this is no idol-nullifier situation like last season. These folks know that their lives in the game can be extended, and it’s mostly a matter of preparing yourself for various what-ifs. That’s why you never go off too harshly on someone leaving the game and you keep your cards close until final tribal.

So while we know for sure that the Edge of Extinction players have a chance to re-enter the game, there’s one question to still wonder: How? Obviously, there’s a challenge component to it given the advantages that we’ve seen. Chris had a chance to practice; meanwhile, Keith’s got a chance to sabotage him. Rick randomly had a chance to give someone an advantage, which he ironically gave to someone in Aubry who ended up being voted out right after the fact. (Did he curse Aubry or something?)

From a personal standpoint, we want to see Rick move on in the game — he’s also probably the one with the best chance of actually sticking around. He gives David another ally, as well, and strengthens some of that Lesu crew if they want to actually persevere in this game for a while. Chris is still likely, but don’t sleep on Aubry — this is someone who is sneaky-good in challenges and has been through all of her seasons.

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Who are the merge targets?

Joe Anglim is an obvious one. Heck, if we were a part of either Manu or Lesu, we’d take tonight as a trial run — team up and get those Kama people out of the game! Those are five people who are going to come across as a unit and you gotta strike while the iron is hot here. Get rid of a couple of them and then let the others hang around for a while if you don’t think they are that strong.

What could complicate things is that there could be some idol paranoia — if someone thinks that Joe has one, they may in turn look towards Aurora, seemingly his closest ally, with danger eyes. As for the other two tribes, we know already that Kelley, Lauren, and David seem to be over Wardog’s antics and his orders — if they’re in a situation where the original Kama gets back together and wants to target someone, you better believe that they’ll point all of their fingers at him. Plus, Kelley and Lauren got their idols! There are few better times to play them at the merge, given that this is the uber-chaotic vote of the season where a head can roll in the blink of an eye.

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