Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 5 (part 2): A merge before the merge

Edge of Extinction

Tonight, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 5 continued in the aftermath of an enormous blindside. Aubry Bracco was voted out in a way that she never saw coming, and with both an immunity idol and also an advantage in her pocket.

Now, she’s off to live at the Edge of Extinction, which really may be the most dysfunctional place to be possible. Reem is still there, and clearly spending the majority of her game arguing with Chris and being separated from the action is taking a toll on her. We should also note while we’re at it here that tonight, Keith found himself an advantage: Knots that he can put on his biggest threat (Chris) when the time comes. Keith’s game is kind of hilarious — he couldn’t get the clue in part 1 when he made a beeline for it, and yet, he was able to get this one when it was actually Reem who found and pointed at it first.

For the record, our feeling is that if Aubry returns to the game, she won’t get to keep her idol or advantage.

As for life on the actual tribes (you know, the part that matters), we got yet another reminder that the Kama crew is still targeting Joe … not that it matters, since the dude continues to pull his tribe to victory after victory. They won another reward! Yet, that was gonna be a little bit harder for immunity given that only one tribe was going to get the idol … but it was still Joe’s tribe that won that, as well. Joe is just the man who can’t lose and after the merge, that group of five is going to be target city.

Here’s where things get a little crazy…

After the immunity, we learned that both Manu and Lesu would come together and eliminate a player in tandem. For the original Manu, this was actually great news! The four on Lesu could reunite with Wendy and take out a common target … which would probably put someone like Eric or Gavin in danger given that they are the physical bros to watch out for after the merge. The biggest winner seemed to be Wardog, who Kelley was seriously contemplating getting out before immunity happened. Would she want to turn that around knowing that she could get out a Kama number? Something to think about.

Yet, here’s the problem with the Original Manu plan — Wendy. She doesn’t have a lot of love for the Manu group. That’s why she may not flip. The only person on Manu who said she was willing to flip was Victoria. Meanwhile, on Lesu we heard about a crazy plan for Wardog to target Wendy, thinking that one of the Kama people would flip. What made things a little bit more intriguing is that Wardog kept rubbing everyone the wrong way to such a strong extent that they were willing to get rid of him.

So what actually happened?

This is where there was potential for things to get crazy since there were SO many possible targets — and there were also two immunity idols in play via Lauren and Kelley. The votes, shockingly, were between Wendy and Lauren. Nobody even voted for Wardog and all of a sudden, we’ve got a situation where there was a tie!

This is where Tribal Council became a giant, living mob of people hovering to each other, scheming and coming up of crazy ideas. David called it the “worst cocktail party” ever and we agree. Who was willing to risk their game for Lauren or for Wendy? Given that you’re so close to the merge, it’s an extremely risky thing to do. Wendy was voted off and apparently, she wanted nothing more than for Jeff Probst to call her “Big Wendy” and give her a hug.

This was hilarious

Wendy got lost heading to the Edge of Extinction, which she didn’t think she was going to do since she was talking about wanting a burger beforehand.

CarterMatt Verdict

In a lot of ways, this was the easiest thing for everyone to do. Wendy wasn’t a serious ally for anyone at this point and nobody on either tribe was willing to push that hard to save her. We’d say that we’d miss her passion and enthusiasm, but it’s not even like she is out of the game! She’s still got that second chance to fight for her Survivor life.

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