Criminal Minds season 15 spotlight: Penelope Garcia’s future

Criminal Minds - Garcia
We’re back with another edition in our ongoing Criminal Minds season 15 spotlight feature, which really comes with just one goal: Hope. It’s hope for the future for a lot of these characters that they will end the series 1) alive and 2) happy. They deserve it after all of the near-death experiences, their bravery, their trauma, and their hearts. Lots and lots of heart.

We’re pretty convinced that when you think about heart, there are fewer perfect examples of this than one Penelope Garcia. She’s a woman who doesn’t head out into the field all that often — yet, everyone would be utterly useless without her. She’s the one watching from afar, making sure that everything is meticulously planned and that the BAU always has their finger on the pulse. She’s a quick thinker, a problem-solver, and someone who constantly shows courage even in moments where very little peeks through.

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So where does Garcia go from here, and how does Criminal Minds conclude the tale of one of TV’s most-likable underdogs? Let’s move into that now with some suggestions…

1. It’s time for a love interest – It’s obvious at this point that Penelope doesn’t need one to be happy — it’s not some necessary requirement for the human race. Yet, we think that she deserves one if the person and the opportunity is right. We don’t ever get to see enough of her personal life, and when you think about the relationship storylines we’ve had for Prentiss, Luke, Simmons, and even JJ and Reid in the finale, she feels like one of the odd people out. Rossi even got married (again!) and we don’t have enough love for Penelope. Cast someone fun, caring, and sweet — someone who appreciates her for precisely who she is.

2. Place her front and center for a case, one final time – We don’t think that it has to be a situation where she’s kidnapped/held at gunpoint/tortured. Instead, let her be the one at the forefront of finding an UnSub, or let her face off with an UnSub with some computer skills! We don’t care if something’s been done before when there’s always a new way and a new means in which to make it happen.

3. Does Garcia stick at the BAU? – That’s something that we really wonder about every character, mostly because so few people stay in the same job forever these days! She’s one of those people who’s been at this for a good decade and a half and the time could come where she shrugs and says “time for something new” … and it’d be super-hard to blame her. If she sticks at the BAU and loves it too much to say goodbye, this will make us give metaphorical high-fives to just about every viewer out there. Yet, so would her developing an ambitious new pursuit with new horizons and ways to shake things up.

4. More Luke Alvez scenes! – We know that there’s an avid contingent of Galvez ‘shippers out there and we feel you! We love them and we’re game to see SO much more of the two hanging out. We know Luke’s with someone right now and it’s hard to say if that will last, so for now, just give us the scenes and the friendship. Give us more chances to smile and laugh with these two, who have experienced quite possibly the greatest evolution out of any Criminal Minds duo we’ve seen on this show.

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