Outlander season 5: Who else is ready for work to begin?

Outlander season 4
There are some exciting times taking place right now within the world of Outlander — we don’t know how you can describe this situation any differently! The cast and crew have already started to descend on Scotland for the upcoming batch of episodes, though they are of course doing so at their own pace.

Today, we’ve got the latest “ready for production” message from none other than Murtagh himself in Duncan Lacroix, who is probably thrilled just that he can actually post about the season this time around. For much of season 4, he found himself in a spot where he had to keep himself under a veil of secrecy since nobody knew 100% how Murtagh would be back. There were rumors aplenty that he would be back, but Starz has gotta preserve some of their secrets for as long as they possibly can! (There is, after all, the “I watch on Sundays and don’t read much of the news about the show” crowd, who probably found this Murtagh return to be a thrilling surprise.)

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The journey for Murtagh in season 5 should prove to be an exciting, mysterious one — he’s really the only character venturing in relatively-uncharted territory, as he was killed off in the books long before. We don’t  think his narrative will twist and change the story of The Fiery Cross all that much (the basic notes should be the same), but he will add some added depth and stakes to Jamie’s current journey. If you recall, he was handed a most perilous choice by the British in the closing seconds of the finale: Either hunt down Murtagh and continue to build a militia, or face whatever consequences come with taking the Governor’s land and not giving anything in return. Jamie’s going to find himself in the crosshairs of the Revolutionary War before long, at least knowing him and the devotion he’s got to Murtagh. He’d probably prefer sleeping on how coals to turning him over to the proper authorities.

At this point, many of you know and are fully confident that filming is going to be starting any minute … but what day? That’s where things are under somewhat of a lock and key. There could be a table read before anything else featuring some of the cast, but here’s your customary reminder that not everyone may start filming at the same time. There are certain cast members, after all, who are not in Scotland right now, and this may just be because they are not filming any scenes right away. The time will come for all of them — unless, of course, the writers’ room has grown especially cruel and decided to exclude certain people all together. We think we’d be the one sleeping over hot coals if that happens.

Obviously, the moment we’ve got confirmation on cameras rolling, we’ll be sure to let you know — one of the most meaningful updates we’ve got is Caitriona Balfe showing you some of Jon Gary Steele’s incredible set-work. Our feeling is that the first couple of weeks of filming should probably be interiors — that just makes the most sense, given that it helps you get into that natural season-5 groove before braving the conditions and the wild outdoors.

What are you hoping to see for Lacroix’s Murtagh moving into season 5?

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