Outlander season 5: See new Caitriona Balfe video from set!

We’ve been teasing you as of late that Outlander season 5 is very close to being underway — consider this pretty strong verification!

In a post on Instagram below, you can see via Caitriona Balfe a rather-lovely little tour of one of the new sets coming your way for season 5. We’d love to say that it’s the Big House, but we don’t really think that you can see this and immediately scream anything — unless that thing involves you stating just how excited you are to get the show back into production.

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Obviously, this video does not equate to season 5 actually being in production — we’re not throwing out the balloons and the banners yet! Yet, at the same time this is a very strong indicator that the table reads and the cameras rolling will be here before too long. Caitriona is in Scotland! Not only that, but she’s actually been to the show’s home base. That’s significant since typically, you don’t do that until close to when work starts. You know that you’re going to be in the area for a long time once you arrive for filming, and that’s why you see actors like Caitriona and Sam Heughan all over the world in the months leading up to it. That is a chance to breathe some different air and experience some different parts of the world; it adds to your life experience and we actually think that this aids you as a performer. After all, it marks that rare chance to develop more empathy and experience people who could be a part of your own Outlander universe — maybe not in terms of time period, but certainly in terms of personality.

Filming for season 5, once it begins, will be going strong for the better part of the year. Most of the interiors will be happening at the show’s base, while there will be many a location shoot to get that signature North Carolina feel. Here’s to hoping for some good days out in the wilderness — with fewer midges than what the group had to deal with back in season 4, when just about everyone was practically eaten alive.

Before we conclude this celebratory discussion…

Can we give some credit to Jon Gary Steele and some of his team, creators of some of the best sets in the business? This is where we offer you the customary-but-important reminder that these people have been tasked with creating sets from multiple continents across multiple time periods, while also trying to make sure that every little detail is appropriate for the setting. That is not easy; as a matter of fact, the idea of it makes us want to pass out. A hearty round of applause!

If you missed it…

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Does this video make you even more excited about Outlander season 5?

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