Is NCIS new tonight? Expectations for ‘Silent Service’

NCISIs NCIS new tonight on CBS? We had a new episode last week, so the natural temptation in all of us is to keep this train moving!

Unfortunately, we gotta pump the breaks a little tonight, as the network is taking a break (yep, another one) in the middle of the season. NCIS is airing tonight, but it’s a repeat — that’s a good chance to relive some old memories, if you so choose — but we know that for some, knowing the ins and outs of a case already ruins some of the viewing experience. There’s always that thrill that comes with a new episode and that rush when you start to piece together a case at the same time as Gibbs and the rest of the team. Also, there’s that family feeling that comes from seeing the hijinks back at the office, whether it be some awkward humor from McGee or Gibbs perpetually being the party-pooper, coming in and telling everyone to grab their gear leading up to a new case.

When NCIS does return to the air, it will be in one week’s time on March 26 — and for an episode entitled “Silent Service.” Rocky Carroll is the director! You know him as Leon Vance … or maybe you know him for some of the other episodes of this show that he’s directed. He knows the ins and outs of this job really well and how to spin a good yarn — also, nobody knows how to handle a crisis like Gibbs, which is a good thing given what’s coming up…

The submarine mission – Gibbs and Bishop (as seen in the image above) are going to find themselves separated from the rest of the team aboard a submarine. While there, they have the not-so-great challenge of having to do a murder investigation. Yes, that is totally routine for them at this point, but everything is amplified (the stress and the stakes) when you are deep underwater with a possible murderer getting all the more antsy every second. There’s also this as a twist — at some point in this episode, the rest of the NCIS team on land is going to lose communication with them. All of a sudden, that’s going to bring the stress level right off the charts. We know that NCIS trusts Gibbs … but it’s still comforting to know what it actually going on.

More Ducky – For those concerned about Ducky’s whereabouts after hearing him proclaim that being a part of the team is no longer in his future, here is your chance to breathe a little bit easier– he’s sticking around! We can’t confirm much beyond this episode just yet, but “Silent Service” will continue Ducky’s arc a little while longer.

While we’re on the subject of Ducky, have you seen our most-recent video talking about the character’s status? If not, take a look at it below! Remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more videos about the show and also view our full NCIS franchise playlist.

An investigation on the island – Do you think that the rest of the team is going to sit around at the office and twiddle their thumbs? Not a chance. They’ll have their own mission to take on, especially Torres and McGee out in the field together. This is a fun combo, especially since there won’t be too much oversight directly over what they’re doing. Of course, any Torres buddy-buddy pairing is going to have a hard time topping Nick and Palmer getting into a fight in the middle of art class and then being carted off to jail.

Want some more news on what’s happening later this season?

If so, you can visit the link here for more on a big Sloane episode airing this April. For now, just let us know your level of excitement for “Silent Service” in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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