NCIS season 16 episode 17 return date: Mark Harmon’s next story


Coming out of tonight’s episode, you may be craving some news on an NCIS season 16 episode 17 return date. If you find yourself within this group of fans, we’re here to try and satisfy with that — plus also some scoop! (We’re not going to just tell you the date and send you on your way…)

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Following tonight’s new episode “Bears and Cubs,” which already arrived after an insufferable, last-second hiatus (the fact that we originally expected this episode to air last week made it so much worse), you’re going to have to wait another two weeks to see what’s next. “Silent Service” is the title for the March 26 installment, and there are a couple of things that should make this wait worthwhile. For starters, David McCallum is back again! After waiting for so long to give us some Ducky, the NCIS producers are luckily not going to snatch him away from us. We also know that this could be one that puts Gibbs and Bishop both in peril thanks to some extraordinary (not the good kind of extraordinary) circumstances. Check out the NCIS season 16 episode 17 synopsis below for more:

“Silent Service” – Director Vance is notified by the Pentagon that the nuclear submarine Gibbs and Bishop are aboard to conduct a murder investigation has gone radio silent, on NCIS Tuesday, March 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series star Rocky Carroll directed the episode.

Remember how strained the Gibbs – Bishop relationship was during parts of “She”? This episode will be dredging all of that back and putting the two to the test. It takes a tremendous amount of teamwork to survive close quarters, great distance, and also a murder investigation at the same time. If these two do find themselves stuck on board a submarine with a killer, all of a sudden all bets are off. We know that Gibbs likes his rules, but how much do you really want to follow them when breaking them could be the only means for survival? This episode should be exciting, mostly because it’s different. The only other case we’ve seen with a big underwater twist as of late was one over on Hawaii Five-0, and there were probably about three or four good moments during that where it looked like a major character would die.

While Gibbs and Bishop are away, we do have this image of the NCIS office running amok as Torres and McGee have some sort of party with silly dance moves and video games … though that’s probably not going to happen. For starters, Gibbs has little birds everywhere (he’s like the crime-fighting version of Varys from Game of Thrones); also, there’s obviously some serious stuff that needs to be dealt with, as in saving lives, the sort of things that these agents do daily.

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