The Blacklist season 6 episode 14 spoilers: Osterman Umbrella Company

The Blacklist logoThe Blacklist season 6 episode 14 is entitled “The Osterman Umbrella Company,” and we can’t lie — this makes us think immediately of the Umbrella Corporation for Resident Evil and really nothing else. We’re sure that this is not James Spader crossing over with a hit post-apocalyptic video-game franchise, though for the record, we’d totally watch that too.

This episode is actually the second episode airing on Friday, March 29 following a special episode at 8:00 p.m. Eastern — one that features a special guest star in Stacy Keach, who you can read a little bit more about over at the link here. This episode is going in a different direction, one where it seems to be more about a collective than an individual, one that has a tendency to eliminate powerful people. This could be a dangerous case, mostly because it’s almost like The Blacklist doing its own version of the League of Assassins — we’ve compared this show to a comic-book before, and it still has that feeling to it that we love.

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Before we share the episode’s synopsis, here’s your warning that there are some spoilers from Friday’s episode featuring Reddington’s life. Still with us? Then check it out:

03/29/2019 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Friday) : Red (James Spader) directs Liz (Megan Boone) to investigate a secret organization of assassins hired by global intelligence agencies to eliminate former agents, a case with ramifications that will change the Task Force forever. Teddy Coluca, Oded Fehr and Danny Burstein guest star. TV-14 V

We don’t usually put spoiler warnings in these sort of articles (we aren’t really much of a spoilery type website), but in this case it feels necessary since so much hype was put into the life-or-death crisis in “Bastien Moreau” … though we still don’t think anyone’s really going to gasp when they realize that Raymond Reddington (the focal point of this show) actually survives a situation midway through season 6. James Spader’s contracted for another season and the show has been renewed so it’s not too much of a shocker.

The curiosity beyond the lethal-injection crisis is simply what Reddington’s circumstances now are — it feels like he may be out of prison, but if that’s the case, what are the parameters? Everybody knows what he looks like now; we don’t think that this is getting OJ coverage in The Blacklist version of the media, but there’s certainly attention around him. We don’t think that Reddington can just wander around without a disguise anymore — even if the mission may feel like something that could be in any season of this show, the parameters are different. It’s like painting a similar work of art, but on an entirely different sort of canvas. That can change everything, from the look of the artwork to the very interpretation of it.

Perhaps the least-shocking thing about this episode is that it could “change the Task Force forever.” How many times can it be changed before change is the new normal, and therefore staying the same is actually the thing that changes it forever? Marinate on that for a few minutes…

Curious about the story for The Blacklist season 6 episode 14, and what could be coming as a whole? Share some thoughts and hopes right now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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