Chicago PD season 6 episode 18 spoilers: Burgess & Blair’s future

Kim BurgessThere hasn’t been a whole lot of time to focus on Burgess’ relationship with Blair on Chicago PDnot that this should come as much of a shock to people. Unless you’re in a relationship with someone from Intelligence (looks in the direction of Upton and Ruzek), you’re not going to get that much of a spotlight. You’re otherwise stuck in the make-the-most-of-the-time-you-have category, and then there’s also the issue of you not being a series regular. If you’re not a character guaranteed to stick around for a long time, how much will producers want to invest in you – especially when it comes to a ship? This is something that Chicago Fire just went through with Sheffield and Brett; now, PD could be doing the same thing — though we’d advocate for keeping this relationship going just because we like Charles Michael Davis. If we don’t get him forever and the relationship ends, we are just happy that we had it at all, but we know that not everyone feels that way about ships.

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Chicago PD season 6 episode 18 (airing on April 3) is the episode where this relationship faces a test — or at least Burgess having some sort of long introspection about it. We like to envision her off somewhere, pacing about this while a devil and angel version of Burgess give her mixed advice. Doesn’t this happen to everyone or is it just us?

The synopsis that we have for you below has a little more dish on that, and of course also the case itself i.e. the thing that’s actually going to dominant most of the episode:

04/03/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : With the threat of a gang war looming, Voight (Jason Beghe) and Ray Price (guest star Wendell Pierce) must organize a peace summit to end the bloodshed before more innocent people get hurt. Burgess (Marina Squerciati) evaluates her future with Blair (guest star Charles Michael Davis). TV-14 DLV

About the case…

Look, it’s Ray Price and Voight actually working together! How often does that happen? We know that there is a possible shooting of a Mayoral candidate coming in the show’s first episode back on March 27, but breathe easy knowing that Ray is not the victim. We’ve already seen a Wendell Pierce character written out of Suits, so the last thing we want is to see him off this show too (even though he is probably the busiest actor going right now)! There’s actually a good reason for Price and Voight to join forces here and combine their powers; they may not agree on much, but they realize that gang members killing each other is bad for everyone. It’s more work for cops, and it’s a dark cloud in any Mayoral race when you’re trying to focus on a lot of other issues.

Here’s what the producers have to figure out — how do you get multiple gangs to the negotiation table? Can you negotiate some sort of peace treaty? We kinda do want to see the Chicago PD version of the Treaty of Versailles, but that’s probably not how this gets resolved … it’s probably a little bit darker and twisted than that, but that’s just our early estimation after having almost six full seasons of this show pumped into our bloodstream.

What are you more excited about on Chicago PD season 6 episode 17 — the gang war story, or what is happening with Burgess? Be sure to share right now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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