Star Trek: Discovery season 3: Who won’t be returning for more?

Star Trek: Discovery premiereStar Trek: Discovery season 3 is coming to CBS All Access, but it’s going to feel a galaxy apart from season 2. How much so? You’re losing two of the more-notable names who first hopped aboard at the start of this season.

According to Deadline, both Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn will be saying farewell as Christopher Pike and Number One at the end of the second season. It’s nothing that is altogether scandalous or shocking — instead, this was mostly a part of the series’ intergalactic plan. The idea was to bring the two actors on board for a single season so that the story of Discovery could be lined up more with the original Star Trek. We got to learn a little bit more about these two characters and following this, the show can move forward and chart some other directions in the lore.

Our first reaction to this is mixed, especially in that Mount is a phenomenal actor who’s done great work (see Hell on Wheels) and it’d be great to see him stick around. Romijn’s part wasn’t as high-profile coming into the gig, but she’s also brought a lot to the proceedings and the show’s risky decision to dive into some familiar material. You never know what the future will hold, but contractually, this does appear to be the end of the journey for these two.

As for what will happen in season 3, there’s obviously a long stretch of time still to explore and think about that; you could even say that beyond this season of Discovery, the horizons for this franchise are broad. CBS’ streaming service is going all in on Star Trek, prepping a spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh and then also working on their Picard follow-up series starring Sir Patrick Stewart. It is perhaps the show most shrouded in mystery, mostly because they want viewers to feel some sort of discovery (pun intended) when that first trailer is revealed. (We’re not even at the point yet of trying to process what our emotions would be like — we weren’t someone who necessarily grew up on The Next Generation, but we know the importance of this role and how much the world could use a man like Picard today.)

Rest assured, there is still more of the journey still to tell with Discovery season — there’s a handful of episodes still to stream, including the latest one coming on Thursday night. These stories will hopefully continue to unlock elements of this wondrous, shared universe and also give you a combination of newness and nostalgia — that’s really been in the witches’ brew for Star Trek: Discovery from the beginning this time around as it looks to find its place more and more within the larger legacy of this franchise.

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