Black Lightning season 3 premiere date hopes for Cress Williams, cast

Black LightningWith tonight’s finale in mind, who wants to go ahead and have a discussion regarding Black Lightning season 3? There’s going to be a lot to discuss, mostly because this is a show facing a pretty fascinating future — with the same being said for MANY different superhero shows in general.

Let’s kick things off with what we personally believe is a jolt of rather-good news — there will be a Black Lightning season 3 coming down the line. The CW renewed this show and many others earlier this year. Sure, its live ratings performance was a big part of it, but so were DVR views and internet streams. We don’t think we can praise The CW’s monetization model enough when you think about all of the different ways they break the bank. These are people who make some serious moolah off of letting people watch recent episodes for free on the app — they make watching their shows convenient and they understand how to make money along the way. THIS is why Black Lightning gets renewed even though the ratings were down pretty dramatically versus where they were for the better part of season 1.

Does that ratings drop impact the show’s possible premiere date? Sure, in some ways. It means, for example, that we don’t think Black Lightning will ever air after The Flash again — that is the network’s primo lead-in and they’ll either use it on a new series or a returning one that is delivering decent numbers even without it. We’re not even sure that Black Lightning will come on in the fall. Think about the superhero landscape at the moment: There are technically SIX potential superhero shows coming in the final season of Arrow plus Black Lightning, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and then potentially Batwoman. We wouldn’t be so shocked if Black Lightning ends up replacing Arrow on the schedule at midseason, or swapping out spots with Batwoman or Legends of Tomorrow if they get a fairly limited run.

As for what we want to see with the story, how about a new, surprising, and supremely-intimidating villain? Why not give you someone new that causes your eyes to pop out of the sides of your head? Cast someone who creates that same oomph that Tobias Whale had at the start of the series — you want to get people talking and, potentially, make people afraid.

Before we go, let’s also throw the following out into the universe: We want Black Lightning in Crisis On Infinite Earths. We know that it’s not something that everyone else out there feels we needs, but this is the last chances to see Jefferson and Oliver Queen on-screen together for the first time. This show is not technically a part of the Arrowverse and we don’t think it needs some sort of huge, epic crossover events; just give us the one character, have him interact with the others, and give us that moment. Then, maybe you include a few lines of dialogue on Black Lightning itself. You can make us smile ear to ear without having to alter the entire fabric of what Black Lightning is as a show. We just want that one little moment of (ahem) electricity.

What do you want the Black Lightning season 3 premiere date to be on The CW? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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