Shadowhunters season 3 episode 14 review: A story of Magnus, Alec, and magic

MagnusFor those yearning for a key spotlight story for Magnus Bane, you had it with Shadowhunters season 3 episode 14. The best compliment that we can give “Kiss From a Rose” is that we’ll remember it now as something more than just a song from Seal.

Magnus’ story started off quite intense, largely due to a certain arrangement he had to make to get his powers back via Lorenzo Rey –he finds his magic, and then apparently loses his apartment. Lorenzo is a jerk. Want further evidence? Remember that the dude has a mansion — he doesn’t need any more real estate! Yet, here he is, going ahead and snatching a little bit more right out of the hands of a guy who was so desperate to get back one of the few constants within his very long life.

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For most of the episode, Magnus didn’t want to tell Alec all of the finer details about his deal with Lorenzo — for starters, he probably wasn’t all too thrilled that he had to do it in the first place. Also, he recognized that there were other priorities that needed to be taken on … such as investigating the whereabouts of a sword that Jonathan can use to raise an army of demons. This seems to be a part of his plan – to stand at the center of the army, likely with his sister at his side if he gets his way. We imagine him riding on some sort of devil-horse for some reason — maybe just because all leaders of evil armies seem to have some really scary-looking steed.

The good news for Magnus is that he seems in surprisingly good spirits for not having his residence. Yet, we’re already wondering if his newly-acquired magic is what it’s cracked up to be. Based on his attempts to travel to the Institute at the end of the episode, he may be wondering that same thing. Good for Alec being a good boyfriend and challenging Lorenzo for his attempt to humiliate Magnus! Malec is always standing up for each other.

What Jonathan is up to?

Basically, his modus operandi at the moment is being as creepy as humanly possible and slowly increasing the bond that he has with Clary. During tonight’s episode, Jonathan decided that it would be a good idea to interrupt Jace’s night-date with Clary and be a pretty terrible dude in the process. Did we really need to see Jonathan kiss his sister? Does he not realize that this show is not entitled Game of Thrones? Jonathan’s a nasty sort, but he seems intent on finding whatever brief connection he can to Clary, even if it’s artificial and coming at the expense of pretending to be her boyfriend.

There’s a weird irony to Jonathan as a character, mostly in that this is a dude who seems to think that the best way to get closer to Clary is to do things that will make her immediately run in the opposite direction. This episode did have some nice Clace moments in it almost in spite of all of Jonathan’s terribleness … but the part of the story that will probably be remembered the most is Clary being unable to stop him when given ample opportunity. What was holding her back? We don’t think it was necessarily love for the guy. Is there some sort of nasty spell he’s running that, in turn, causes the link between them to grow stronger over time?

Operation save Maia

We can celebrate the fact that Luke and Simon were among the crew who helped to retrieve Jordan and Maia from their position at the restaurant. What’s probably not worth celebrating is Luke getting handcuffed by police at the most inopportune time. Consider this a reminder that Luke doesn’t get many wins in life — he almost lost Clary, the wolf pack’s been a mess, and now he’s a cop finding himself being arrested by other cops. Maia may be fine for now, but we don’t think that any of this is resolved.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you’re like us, you watching Shadowhunters for the characters and the relationships. This episode had that in spades. Harry Shum Jr. killed it together amidst Magnus Bane’s emotional journey. We experienced his highs and lows, his pain and also his victory. This episode left him without a home and there is a lot of sadness in that. He’s given up a part of his identity in order to retain another.

From top to bottom, though, this is likely the best overall Shadowhunters episode since the premiere — you had a lot of content wedged into a pretty short span of time, including some emotional torment and updates in the Jonathan storyline.

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