Is Magnum PI new tonight? Diving into what lies ahead

Magnum PIIs Magnum PI new tonight? There’s a chance that you’ve seen a promo already for the next new episode entitled “Blood in the Water” — and if that’s the case, you’re already circling it like a shark, excited to sink your teeth into it. This looks like an intense, awesome hour that puts the spotlight firmly on Magnum and Higgins as they struggle for survival.

Alas, you’re going to have to wait another week for it. “Blood in the Water” (which is, sadly, the penultimate episode of the season) isn’t airing until next week. It was very nice for CBS to hand out a promo for it last week, but now, we gotta nervously wait around to see what actually happens. So while we do that, why not go ahead and hear some of our promo thoughts?

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The premise – This isn’t hard to explain. Magnum and Higgins are thrown off of a boat in the middle of the ocean — really with nowhere to turn. They have no life preservers and, because they apparently didn’t go to mermaid camp like Tani Rey on Hawaii Five-0, no easy way to swim back to shore. They’d have to be incredible distance-swimmers in order to do that. Spoiler alert: Neither seem like they’ve got that sort of background! Sure, they can kick butt and come out of shootouts unscathed, but those situations are akin to violent sprints. This is a marathon.

The stakes – One or both of them can easily drown in this situation. Or, maybe an actual shark comes, senses Higgins’ blood in the water (obvious title reference), and decides they’re ready for some lunch. One bad decision out there and it all ends. We also suppose that some of the bad guys on the boat could come back and try and shoot them … but wouldn’t they have just done that already? Why go the extra effort of going all the way back in order to find them? They probably have other bad-guy things on the agenda.

The solution – The obvious one is hope that someone else out in the ocean sees them — but how far out are they? Are these frequently-visited waters? If we’re Magnum/Higgins, our strategy plan is to swim as close to land as possible (if they even know what direction land is), hoping that there’s a boat floating somewhere out there maybe on a fishing trip. Beyond that, Maybe Magnum can test his vocal cords like never before and SCREAM HIS FACE OFF. It’s ridiculous, but what other recourse does he have? We’re not exactly counting on them having working phones.

The only other thing they can hope for is that maybe Rick or TC will start to realize something is wrong and search for them … but do they even know they’re out on the water?

This is a tough pickle

Seriously. A REALLY tough pickle, as in so tough you may not be able to eat it. (Okay, enough pickle analogies.) 99% of the time, being in this situation probably means death. We don’t think that the writers are off somewhere cackling over killing off their main characters one episode before the finale, so we’re not worried about them dying per se. Yet, there’s a lot of drama that will come from how the two get out of this situation — not to mention a curiosity as to if any of this bonds them closer together. (We don’t necessarily mean as more than friends, though we’re fully aware that there are some ‘shippers out there.)

While you wait for “Blood in the Water,” visit the link here for more details.

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