Is The Good Doctor new tonight? Three season 3 questions

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4Is The Good Doctor new tonight on ABC? Having this show around is a nice bowl of soup on a cool night, or a warm blanket to wrap around yourself. Sure, it’s dramatic and it occasionally makes you cry a little / a lot, but the focus is never to gut you. It’s more about hope, understanding, and people finding what truly makes them good. Shaun Murphy’s at the top of the pyramid here, but he’s far from the only key player. Without everyone else, the pyramid crumbles under its own weight and we just have assorted characters roaming around lost.

Alas, there is no Good Doctor coming tonight (last week was the finale), so we would understand if you’re feeling a little bit lost tonight. Consider this article us reaching out a hand to pick you up and guide you back into the world of the show. In this piece we’ve composed three key questions to wonder as we continue our long, arduous trek through this beast known as a lengthy hiatus.

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1. How will Shaun adjust to being a surgeon again? – We could’ve easily emphasized Shaun’s personal life here, but we’ve already published an article about it over the weekend. The focus of The Good Doctor is almost always on medicine first and we don’t want to drift too far from that and make this show into the romantic tunnel of love. Shaun’s coming back to the hospital with a different sense of purpose — he knows what it’s like to be jobless now. He understands how fast things can change. Does that lead to a change in his behavior, or does Shaun even think that way? We appreciate Shaun for the person that he is, but don’t be shocked if he takes stock in the gig in a different way than before — maybe there will be even more gratitude or a little more patience on his part.

2. Can we get a Glassman wedding? – Learning that Aaron is engaged was basically a shot of happy endorphins into our veins. He’s a character we adore, and we’re just happy that he finally gets to emerge from underneath a dark cloud and a constant threat of a metaphorical anvil falling on his head. He has a chance to be happy … but we also gotta recognize that being happy may not come easy or be immediate. His engagement came as a lark and sooner or later, the settling-down period will begin. That’s where some of the relationship growing pains come out and we certainly know from two seasons of The Good Doctor that Glassy has his quirks. Most are endearing, but sometimes he can be frustrating in his stubbornness and unwillingness to see other points of view.

3. How will Dr. Lim operate (pun intended) as Chief of Surgery? – After that promotion in the season 2 finale, Dr. Lim is coming back to the St. Bonaventure Hospital with a fancy new title, a fuller bank account (or so we figure), and a chance to lead a proper team. Does this mean that she’ll be great at it? We’re projecting all of our positive vibes into the idea since she’s got the skills. She’s smart, resourceful, and recognizes that you have to make risky, in-the-moment decisions that may make some doctors unhappy. The problem she faces is having to contain her feelings now for Dr. Melendez, and vice-versa as well as working with people who have felt her to be more of a peer than a boss. She almost needs to wear a big sign on her back for the first couple of episodes reading “I’m the boss now!” just so everyone properly gets it … and we think they totally should.

The Good Doctor is fantastic drama and an intriguing character study rolled all into one perfect first-aid kit. It’s a wonderful way to spend a Monday night, or at least it was for the eighteen weeks it was on during season 2. Season 3’s likely premiering this fall, and while you wait, consider us a go-to resource! We’re going to do our part to make sure that every Monday, you have something new to read about some of these characters and what should be coming next to help get you through.

What questions do you have for some of the various characters entering The Good Doctor season 3? Share some of them in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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