Bosch season 5 episode 5 review: What is Irving hiding?

Irving boschYou wanted to see Bosch undercover? Well you’ve now got Bosch undercover! The big reveal in the season 5 premiere was that we were going to see Harry take on a different sort of role as detective and have him dive into a little bit of undercover work. In this past episode some of that started to come together as he posed as a veteran named Dominic looking to get some pills from a specific clinic. He knows that they are some how involved in a pill mill, but he needs to get inside to really flesh that out and find out who’s in charge to bring them down.

Undercover Bosch

Now that Bosch has an in with the Garcia clinic through Lewis, he needs to be ready for everything they are going to throw at him. This was a very fun scene with obvious throw backs to some of the greatest James Bond movies as we saw him get different drugs he needs to make his eyes look blood shot as well as a cane that has a knife hidden in the handle! They also suggest giving him a disabled gun – this helps sell his story even more and with it being disabled they can’t kill him with it should they find it.

When he gets to the Garcia clinic everything goes pretty much as planned, but Bosch wasn’t expecting them to rough him up for not doing exactly what he’s told. He also wasn’t expecting to see the doctor that sent him to group therapy for drug use there as the doctor handing out pills. Bosch is given two days worth of pills and is told now he owes them and they will be in touch when it’s time to cash in that favor.

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Is Rita the missing link?

Now that Bosch knows that Rita is married to Preston and met him while she was a court reporter on his trial, he and Hector are trying to find out exactly what she’s done when it comes to the Omer evidence – did she plant it? How much access does/would she have had to evidence to be able to plant this newly found DNA? Bosch has the property room video, so he will be able to see if she had a hand in this. While they don’t see Rita on the tap, they do notice that the evidence that should be in a 22 year old box is in a brand new box. Sometimes the old cases are combined into  new boxes and Bosch learns that the person who did the consolidating is someone named Spencer.

Bosch decides that it’s time to sit down with Preston and he tells Bosch that getting out of jail is just the first step… Preston is also going to be coming after his job, his house and his entire career. he’s had time to plot over the years (not much else to do in jail) and now he’s ready to execute. Bosch reveals that Preston’s lawyer messed up by not including the knife that he used on Skyler after her death in Omer’s confession to make it actually believable – those specific details that weren’t released to the public. Preston doesn’t seem worried about that, but he does take pause when Bosch mentioned that there is a problem with the DNA and that everything is going to fall apart for him because of it. The last bug that Bosch plants in Preston’s ear is that they have his wife Rita on tape, but he doesn’t say exactly what she’s on tape doing.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The one moment that stuck with us more then any was seeing Irving shred that picture of Preston’s bedroom from before the search. In the last episode we saw a flash back from when Irving went into Preston’s bedroom and saw Skyler’s pendent hanging on the wall, but in the picture that was taken from “before the search” it looks like it’s not there and Irving shredding police pictures/evidence makes us believe that maybe it wasn’t Bosch that planted that evidence… maybe it was Irving!

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