Big Brother Canada 7 producer addresses Veto Competition controversy

Samantha PiccoHere is something that you don’t see all that often when it comes to Big Brother around the globe — complete producer transparency on social media. Yet, that’s what happened today in the aftermath of the Power of Veto Competition.

For those who don’t know, Sam ended up winning the Power of Veto Competition earlier this weekend, but the way in which she did it came under a certain degree of fire. There was talk on the feeds about Kyra helping her win the competition, while there was some speculation that Adam may have helped from the sidelines. Given that we haven’t actually seen the competition (that will air on Wednesday night’s new episode), it’s hard to fully ascertain what happened.

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This is where Trevor Boris comes into play. He’s well-known within the show community as a producer (technically, his title is co-executive producer), and he’s also the head of the challenge department. In a post on Twitter, Trevor made it clear that there was some “misinformation” out there and sought to clarify it.

Here’s what we learned.

1. Kyra did not cheat in the competition by helping Sam. Rather, they were firmly allowed to via the rules. Maybe this is something that could be changed if this competition is replicated down the line. The challenges are typically outstanding on this show and this one may very well be; the only issue that we’ve got with it is that if you’re the target, everyone can just gang up on you and you lose almost immediately. There are scenarios where this could be even more unfair.

2. Adam did not help Sam, per the footage that has been reviewed. Big Brother Canada has shown in the past a willingness to re-do or replay various competitions in the game — think back to season 1, where many different contestants were disqualified from a competition after a review found them in violation of the rules.

As for the current plan in the game, it’s the same as it was — you’re probably going to be seeing Kailyn go up as the replacement nominee. Kiera will be saved with the Veto, and it will likely be Damien and her who are facing off this week. It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Kailyn stays, mostly because she just doesn’t have the allies. Damien’s got more potential as a player moving forward, as well, and even the outside of the house should want him there the most.

Who should get to review some video footage?

There’s a public vote going on for that and for us, we do think that there’s some value in someone like Kiera and Estefania getting it. Yet, there is also value in someone like Chelsea getting it, mostly because it’d be funny to see her learn how close the Pretty Boys are. That could change almost the entire course of the game, if it happens at an early-enough spot where there could be some sort of pivot.

For more from the live feeds…

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