The Flash The Flash season 5 episode 17 video: Why Nora could tell the truth

Flash season 4No matter what you do, Cicada just keeps on coming. That seems to be the message of The Flash at present and it’s a pretty dangerous one. Through most of this past episode, it seemed like we finally were going to see Orlin Dwyer stopped — he agreed to use the cure, and give himself a chance to better be there for his daughter … or at least he thought. That was before Grace from the future showed up as the new Cicada, someone who is perhaps even more dangerous and well-trained than he ever was. She’s presumably had the better part of her life to focus on meta-human vengeance as opposed to Orlin, who became the man he is in a reasonably-short period of time.

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We’ve known for some time that Tuesday’s episode “Time Bomb” will have a big Nora West-Allen component to it, most notably in how she is going to (potentially) reveal the truth to Barry and Iris about what she’s been up to with Eobard. Why? As the video below reveals, it’s actually his suggestion! While we haven’t known every single component to Eobard’s plan, we have at least figured out that he has one … and it did not include a new Cicada turning up in the present timeline. Thawne is a guy who often likes to have a plan, but clearly he has no plan or idea as to how this came about. With a new Cicada roaming the streets, telling Barry and Iris the truth is really the only option to try to figure out the next move.

To us, here is where things get especially interesting — if you’re Barry Allen what do you do? Do you go and pay Thawne a visit in the future and try to buddy-up with one of your worst enemies? If working with Thawne is the only way to stop Cicada, will he do it? At the moment, it doesn’t seem like he’s all that much help … but maybe if he and Barry combine their powers, they can conjure up some sort of worthy idea.

Where does Godspeed fit into all of this?

He may not be coming within this episode, but we know that this memorable Flash villain will be present eventually … and we do wonder if he is the reason why this version of Cicada is around. However we see Godspeed brought into the world of this show is pretty important for establishing just how essential he could be moving forward. There is a school of thought that suggests he could become the season 6 Big Bad … though Red Death can also be thrown in there as well. Our gut tells us that Cicada (whether it be the new or old version) will have their story tied up by the end of this season. Meanwhile, season 6 may be firmly zooming back into speedster territory after spending a couple of seasons where there are Big Bads with different powers.

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