This Is Us season 3 episode 16 video: Sophie returns … what’s next?

This Is UsTuesday night’s new episode of This Is Us is going to be about relationships in very different stages of life. It’s also about children.

For Kevin, it seems all of a sudden like he is at a key crossroads in his relationship with Zoe, with a lot of it coming down to one key subject: Whether or not they are interested in having kids together. That’s something that Zoe doesn’t seem to want, and if Kevin does (or presumes that he will want eventually), this may be the best time for them to go their separate ways. Is this a conversation that they probably should’ve had before now? Maybe, and maybe they have. The thing with relationships is that if you often think that time will change things and alter the dynamics. It’s possible, after long enough, that you may find some of your wants and needs change.

If this is a non-negotiable, however, this could be the end of the road. This brings us to Sophie.

During this episode, you will see these two characters have a chance encounter in the rain, one that has to make you think that there’s a chance for something more here … but we’re not really counting on it. Running into someone doesn’t always equal getting back into a relationship with them and it may not here. There is just so much water under the bridge with the two of them and rather than trying to relive a past that didn’t work, it may be better and healthier for the two to find their way forward. Alas, we know that Kevin is not in the healthiest place at the moment, and we don’t really know as of yet where Sophie is given that we’re not getting an opportunity to spend a whole lot of time with her just yet.

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As for what else there is…

For Toby and Kate, be prepared to see them happy parents of their new baby boy Jack … but also be prepared to see Toby struggle with the idea of other people trying to care for the baby. He’s going to be paranoid and concerned about everything — including a nurse coming in to draw a little bit of blood. A part of the problem here is likely based on his history. He’s worked so hard to get to this point that he doesn’t want to imagine anyone taking his baby away from him — even if they are only trying to help.

Meanwhile, for Jack and Rebecca this episode is going to pose an interesting question dating back to their childhood — or at least a what-if situation. Would the two have gotten along in the event that they met each other when they were younger? We’re not sure where exactly this particular story is going to go, but it will be nice to have Milo Ventimiglia on the show again! One of the challenges we’re having right now with This Is Us and the older Jack is what to do now that the Nicky story is wrapped up. What eras do you venture towards? What holes do you fill in?

For more news regarding this episode (which is entitled “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”), we suggest that you head over to the link here now.

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