This Is Us season 3 episode 16 preview: ‘Don’t Take My Sunshine Away’

This Is Us season 3
This Is Us 
season 3 episode 16 is entitled “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away.” If you watched tonight’s “The Waiting Room,” you likely have a sense as to what this could be in reference for. (Obviously, there are SPOILERS ahead with this in mind.)

The pleasant news following tonight’s episode was that we had a chance to see Kate and Toby’s baby officially enter the world. However, the unpleasant news is that there is no guarantee this baby survives. They were born extremely premature, which means a number of potential health defects. One of the nurses said it best to Randall and the other Pearsons — there’s no shame in getting in a shower and cleaning up before going to see the baby. If Randall and Beth plan to stick around Los Angeles for a while, there will be a lot of time to see baby Jack at the hospital.

“Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” is a perfect song to sing to infants or small children — its message is simple, but poignant. It’s an expression of joy, but also an expression of fear. The last thing that Kate Pearson wants is to see the sunlight dim on her time with baby Jack, but she is not in control of it. Herein lies the desperation, the panic. The entire life of your son is completely out of your hands. This makes the song lyrics almost pleading to whatever higher power you choose to believe in.

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If you want to look beyond just Kate, you can argue that there are some other possible meanings here. For Zoe, this title could be a reference to the good in Kevin, the joy and the passion that he brought to her life when there were sunnier skies. He’s a good person, but a troubled person possessed by a demon named alcoholism. It’s not something that is he is altogether capable of stepping away from. There is effectively no real way for him to step away from it. All he can do is fight to keep the demon at bay, but it’s currently running amok through his mind and trickling its blood down into his heart. Extracting it will not be easy.

For Randall, this could equate to Beth asking him to not take from her the biggest opportunity she’s had to be happy in her career in ages. He doesn’t want to keep her from being a ballet instructor, but his attitude towards the career has been dismissive as best and pompous at worst. Goon on Randall for being elected; bad on Randall for not coming up with a better plan with his new job. He had to know what the hours would mean and the strain it would put on his family. Compromise is the name of the game, and obviously, compromise is never easy. It’s always going to be a complicated concoction of pleasure and displeasure.

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What do you think is coming on This Is Us season 3 episode 16?

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