Last Man Standing season 7 episode 19 preview; a look at the schedule ahead

Last Man StandingWant to know what’s coming on Last Man Standing season 7 episode 19? For starters, there may be a bit of confusion.

We went over this earlier this week, but tonight’s new episode was meant to be “The Passion of Paul” — a story that was all about Mike Baxter trying to slack off his Sunday-school duties. We’ve written a good bit about this episode already, and for the sake of brevity (and to make sure we don’t just repeat ourselves), let’s just say that we appreciate the show continuing to portray church in its own signature lens. You can have fun in a house of worship without insulting it! This seems to be a subject matter that a lot of other people are afraid of, but we’ve certainly learned that it’s something that can be talked about, embraced and something to have fun with.

Due to a last-minute switch, tonight you  re handed the episode “Otherwise Engaged” featuring the return of Vanessa’s mother; with that, “The Passion of Paul” is being shifted to next week. It’s difficult sometimes to ascertain why networks pull these last-minute schedule swaps; we like to think that they wake up one morning and say “I really feel like this story on this given week,” but it’s probably a bit more complicated than that. The good thing about Last Man Standing is mostly just that there’s flexibility with its episodes. Because several of them are standalone in nature you can swap things around without throwing a wrench into the show’s continuity. This isn’t the sort of show that really wants you to think too long about timelines, anyway; it’s more about just finding new ways to make you laugh … while also feeling still like a warm blanket you can wrap yourself up in. TV comfort food.

There is another reason to enjoy “The Passion of Paul” next week beyond that we’ve already mentioned: This will be the last one for a while. Maybe Last Man Standing wants a breather due to the NCAA Tournament (which will technically be underway already next week), or maybe it just wants to ensure that there are new episodes closer to the key May “sweeps” period where ratings matter more than ever. Maybe production just wants some extra time. No matter the reason, there are at least two weeks of repeats coming after episode 19 airs. There are a few more stories to come on the other side of that and from there, you’ll be left waiting around until season 8 … which isn’t officially ordered just yet.

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What’s the hold-up on a renewal?

We actually don’t think that there is a hold-up. If there are negotiations still happening, we don’t get a sense that they are especially contentious. Fox just hasn’t renewed many of their shows yet as a whole and is taking more of a thoughtful, patient approach to their lineup. Last Man Standing is almost certainly coming back, so there is no explicit reason to bring out the pitchforks just yet. It’ll be back — it’s just a matter of timing and finding the perfect venue for the announcement.

What do you want to see on Last Man Standing season 7 episode 19?

Be sure to share in the comments, and of course, we’ll have more coverage throughout the rest of the hiatus. (Photo: Fox.)

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