Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Maki Moto on his eviction, curses, Dane, & more

MakiThis week, Big Brother Canada officially added Maki Moto to the long list of entertaining contestants who was gone far too soon. He carried with him a different vibe than most other houseguests — he was artistic, creative, but also reasonably new to the game. He was often open about his thoughts and feelings, and while that may help him greatly in life, it seems like that (plus his competition prowess) were reasons for his final eviction.

In our exit interview, we break down what happened to Maki in the game alongside his memorable curse that he put on everyone while leaving and also who he actually felt the closest to. On the other side of watching this, check out our video below for more thoughts on last night’s episode + the new HoH! Subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for daily live feed spoilers and remember to view our Big Brother Canada playlist to ensure you don’t miss any other update.

CarterMatt – So Maki, I take it that you’re a fan of William Shakespeare…

Maki – I definitely know that putting a plague on both houses is going to mess everything up!

I’ve been calling you the Mercutio of Big Brother Canada every since the eviction. Was that whole thing planned, or just something that happened in the moment?

I’m not going to lie — I really thought that I was staying and that the numbers were on my side. It was a slap in the face, Dane taking me out like that — he swore on something really big and I was holding him accountable for it. He really went spineless right in front of my eyes. I’m not a vengeful guy, man — I’m a happy guy, and most of the time I’m having a good time. It kind of just clicked for me in that moment.

So where do you think it came from? I know a lot of people would say that Dane made that move because you said that you might nominate him if you won HoH, but was it actually that or something more?

For sure, there’s something more. As much as I’d like to think that I wasn’t a threat, people were scared of me. As amusing as it sounds, people were scared that I was just having a good time and was very lighthearted when it came to the paranoia and competitions. Even if I never won, I was still proud of myself almost as though I had won. I feel like that really spooked people — I was up against Adam and I was literally right on his tail.

So, I think he was scared. I think he was scared for his life and thought ‘this is my opportunity to get out someone who is better than me.’ He really did.

It seems like there are people in that house that have seen more of Big Brother Canada than you have, but you were able to do really well in a lot of competitions. Do you think some of that fear was that when you got more experience in this game, you would be even more dangerous than you were?

They chopped off the dragon’s head before I grew into something enormous and scary. Beast Mode Maki even scares me (laughs). They were scared of me and it’s funny — Dane’s a big dude! Yeah, he’s short, but he’s a big dude. It makes me laugh that someone who you would consider to be physically superior would be scared of someone so comfortable.

At one point during this past HoH Competition, you were offered a deal but decided that you wanted to play it out instead. Had you taken that deal, do you still think that you’d still end up on the block?

I really think it wouldn’t have made a difference. These guys know the game inside out — they’re professionals. They just say these things. The whole golf thing is really Dane’s element to begin with — he was comfortable. For me, I’m not into golf at all.

Ultimately I was there to push other people to become better human beings, and I was trying to push myself. It was all in good sportsmanship and I am actually truly happy that Dane did win, because I feel like he really earned it and it wasn’t just given to him. In that sense, I am happy that I pushed for that.

Had you stuck around and won the next HoH, would you have legitimately gone after him?

If he kicked Kyra out, in all honestly I would have respected him. That would have shown that he was keeping his word, and that’s all people could do in that house. I still would’ve put up Cory, because that was the house consensus to send the new person home. Then, I also would’ve put up Sam because she was causing an insane amount of drama in that house, whispering in everyone’s ears.

Let’s talk about Cory for a moment. You spend a week getting to know all of these other people and then, this total stranger turns up. How much paranoia was there constantly around why she was there and her spot in the game?

We were tripping out! We were all like ‘why is there only one person coming in? Who is the other girl who didn’t make it? What information does she have on us? Is she a spy?’ We thought that she was behind the walls just listening to everything. People were coming up with some crazy speculation on what Cory had on us. Even the archive room that we had — we had this feeling that she was able to see and watch what we were doing via the cameras.

I’m telling you that the normal state of mind in that house in paranoia and we definitely felt she had something on us. She was a big personality — she was very fun and easy-going, but she would bring up little things that made us question stuff.

Who did you really feel the closest to in the game? Who did you want to go to the end with?

Mama (Kailyn) was a really great mentor to me. She really taught me the ropes early in the game and took me under her wing — we really saw into each other’s soul. I really enjoyed her company. I would pick her, and I would also pick Esti (Estefania) because Esti’s a wicked girl. She’s very grounded and we had a lot of common interests. I feel like I could naturally talk to her, and it wasn’t just about the game. They were naturally trying to help me, and I saw that and appreciated it.

Following your time in the game, is there anything that’s going to keep you up at night — a moment where you zigged where you should have zagged?

I don’t think so. I really stayed true to myself and that was the most important thing — I didn’t want to look back and for it to be like ‘why were you acting like somebody else? Why weren’t you true to yourself?’

I know that I made an impact on everybody and that I inspired them, at the very least, to become better people. Okay, my time was cut short, but I feel like I really changed things being there for the past couple of weeks.

Was being in the game at all what you expected it to be?

Yes and no. I knew that we were going to be locked in a house with total strangers. I used to work on ships, so I have a general idea of having no phone or internet and using just your brain and body language to just chit-chat with people. I was raised in the 90’s, so it was pretty much the same thing.

I didn’t realize that pretty much everyone was your enemy [in there] — I was pretty naïve in that way. I would bounce ideas off of people and just say things without really being concise with my words. That’s what turned around and bit me in the butt.

Once you’re finally free to enter the real world, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

I’ve got a lot of content in my head, man. I’m very inspired by this whole experience — I’m definitely going to be writing more. I’m also going to be getting back to my music and making more of it. Channeling all of this in a positive way. I want to get back into the arts, play some more video games, watch some more cartoons, sleep whenever I want and wake up whenever I want.

Life is beautiful — I can’t wait to get back to it.

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