Whiskey Cavalier episode 3 reaction: When in Rome pretend we aren’t family

Whiskey CavalierABC’s Whiskey Cavalier has found its stride giving fans just the right amount of fun balanced with a great story. It’s clear that this show has taken the comedic route, which is different from the similar series like it and it’s a welcomed breathe of fresh air.

In the third episode, the team heads to Rome to track down an American citizen who was recruited to build a bomb for a terrorist. However, this mission is even more important because it means the difference between the team breaking up or staying together. Will immediately gives a speech about the team being a family and how they will always remain a family. Everyone seems to buy it, except Frankie, who wants nothing to do with emotional attachments (the flickering between Will and Frankie is so entertaining!). It’s obvious there’s chemistry floating through the air with these two, but it’s also clear that writers are going to take their time with developing their relationship. Watching them grow is the fun part and the sexual tension is often times what brings the fans back week after week. So seeing how the writers are going to develop the relationship between them is intriguing.

During episode 3, Will attempts to get to know a deeper side of Frankie, but has little success. However, Will’s first attempt is interrupted when the team locates the American citizen. They learn that he was forced to make the bomb after the Italian terrorist threatened to harm his daughter, but he tells the team that he didn’t finish the bomb. Being an empathic person, Will takes the man to see his daughter, but he is shot. With his dying breath he tells Will that he did finish the bomb and it will go off. Meanwhile, during the shootout Standish uses the tiny gun Jai made him and hits him diminishing Will’s “we are family” speech.

CarterMatt Verdict

Will and Frankie and the rest of the team manage to track down the bomb, but by this point the dynamic between the entire team is in a fragile state. After saving the day, Frankie and Will once again share a nice moment that adds more fuel to the fire about the sexual tension between them and Jai and Susan make up while Jai forgives Standish for shooting him. Overall, the episode was entertaining and really sets the tone for the show as a whole. We will enjoy watching the series and seeing where the rest of the season will take us.

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