Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 17 review: Who is Vicki Rudin?

Grey's Anatomy season 14Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy introduced you to one of its most-important characters in some time, and her name is Vicki Rudin. Yet, we never heard her speak, nor did we learn about much of her life story. All we know for sure is what she means to another character.

So who is Vicki? She is Jo’s biological mom, discovered by Casey, who apparently is quite a whiz at digging through the internet and finding important information about people. At the start of this episode, Jo wasn’t even 100% sold on the idea that she even wanted to meet her mother; she just wanted to know her DNA better so she would be aware of what genes she would pass on to potential kids; but, one thing led to another and by the end, she took advantage of an opportunity to learn Vicki’s name. From here, she can determine what she wants to do. She’ll have people in her corner, but also those who may raise an eyebrow. Take Jackson, whose eyebrow is arched so far at the thought of this that it is popping straight off of his head. He went out of his way to visit his father with April (remember that fantastic episode?) and it didn’t go anywhere near as well as he hoped.

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While Jackson and Maggie continue to thrive in one of their happy places, there is a genuine sense of complete relationship chaos elsewhere. For Amelia, that means hooking up with Link while the two are at a conference together, and this is after they were at odds on some of his past treatment decisions. There’s a mutual attraction here and apparently, that’s enough to over look some of the other stuff.

The issue Amelia could run into is thinking that they can walk away from this and be just fine on the other side. It’s easy to catch a cold at a hospital; it’s almost as easy to catch feelings when you spend so much time every day with someone. She’s also tried the casual-relationship thing with Owen and it’s pretty clear that there were many different bumps in the road with that … plus the giant sinkhole that they drove into just these past few weeks. Maybe this turns into nothing, but it adds another side to what is becoming a love pentagon more than a love triangle or a love rectangle.

Think about things this way: Link (who was formerly interested in Meredith) hooked up with Amelia, who in turn has been with Owen, who hooked up with Teddy, who is pregnant with Owen’s baby, but is currently in a relationship with Tom Koracick. Owen and Teddy are seemingly getting closer now, and it was clearly enough for Tom to have a concerned look after seeing the two of them together. Whether or not this becomes something more is something the next few episodes can figure out.

Or, who knows? Maybe the love pentagon becomes a love octagon, and then everyone can just fight it out as though they are in UFC.

Did DeLuca make a mistake?

Andrew DeLuca is a man on the edge. He did everything in his power to believe he was on the forefront of changing the medical game with the help of his father. When you looked at the evidence, it was easy to believe that this was true. His dad came up with a way to help premature babies have another shot at life — the tests on the baby lamb were working out okay. Or, at least they were until they weren’t, and now everything is going downhill and he’s left with his head in his hands.

DeLuca’s exhausted, he’s broken, and he’s frustrated realizing that his father is more mentally ill than he is genius. There is going to be no way in which to immediately help him, even if that is something that he would certainly like to do. After his dad tried to get a human test subject from another part of the hospital, the partnership was over and he needs some alone time. Apparently, that includes even being away from Meredith (and also pushing her away — not in a permanent fashion, but it wasn’t the best look for him either.)

CarterMatt Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 17 brought you a tale of expectations, and what happens when you defy them versus when you decide to follow the carrot along. For Amelia, she has herself a new love interest (even though it may not be permanent); for Jo, she has a chance to fill what may be a pretty substantial gap in her heart. Defying their expectations for this episode could prove fruitful for these characters but even if not, it made for a good hour of television. You want to see stories play out in a different manner than expected, so kudos to the Grey’s Anatomy writing team for finding a way to execute that here.

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