A Million Little Things season 2: The latest behind-the-scenes tidbits

A Million Little Things

Here is some not-so-breaking news: A Million Little Things season 2 didn’t magically film over the past seven days. The show is still off the air, and we’re still going to be waiting a long, long time until the second season airs. Hopefully, it’s fall when it premieres and ABC doesn’t pull any funny business when it comes to their schedule — not that we really expect that they will. It’s successful enough that they should just stamp “fall season” on its forehead now and be done with it.

Over the next few weeks, we’re hoping to get some opportunities to dish on a few behind-the-scenes tidbits with the show — basically, another reminder that within the TV world, work is never-ending. You’re either writing the show, filming the show, promoting the show or airing the show. Maybe you get a week or so in there to lay in a lounge chair on the beach with one of those delicious fruity drinks they serve you in a coconut, but after that it’s right back into the writers’ room to take on everything else that is coming around the bend. Last week, we gave you a good sense of the schedule ahead via show executive producer DJ Nash. This time around, CarterMatt comes bearing a few other little tidbits.

For starters, the writers are already thinking about stories for season 2! They’re not putting metaphorical pen to paper just yet, but they’re clearly on the road towards trying to make some magic happen there. Take a look at Nash’s message below for some evidence.

How the TV writing process works is that you want to get a sense of the big picture first, especially since different writers work on separate episodes and there tends to be overlap. You need to know what some of your arcs are going to be, and then you can fill in some cracks and make the journey worthwhile. There are changes that happen sometimes to the overall story, but it’s helpful to have a reasonably-good idea going in as to some of the twists — especially for a spider-web show like this where everything is so intricate. The longer this show goes, the greater the need will most likely be for an A Million Little Things encyclopedia with characters and events of note.

When the writers’ room actually opens, some of the larger ideas for the season can officially be toyed with. After the success of season 1, how can you feel anything other than confident?

On a different note…

This week, the cast also got together to film some bonus features for the upcoming DVD! Yes, TV shows are still sold on DVD believe it or not — streaming providers aren’t the only thing out there, and they don’t have anywhere near the extra goodies. Plus, you can watch without internet any time you want! You don’t know what that’s like until you either go to some cabin somewhere without internet and you’re bored of the tranquility and just need to watch some TV.

For those who want some extra insight as to what makes a TV show great — or for those who just want to hear the sound of James Roday’s voice — consider this right up your alley. It’s a chance for larger context, more information, and to set the stage further for an epic, emotional season 2. Is this where we start the campaign to make Chandler Riggs a larger part of season 2? It may as well be and hopefully they will be smart enough not to kill his character off.

We’ll have more updates throughout the off-season on A Million Little Things season 2 at this link — check it out!

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to A Million Little Things season 2?

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